16 March 2012


I drown in a sea of white.

My whole self having been swallowed and swathed within sheets, pillows and covers. I am engulfed in the bed where you had been, before leaving with the rising sun.

I can still feel you, smell you, taste you.  My body aches.  My body is sore.  My lips still feel your own, languishing in the passionate kisses that we shared.  My ears still filled with your gentle whispers of sultry and libidinous longings.  My nipples still hardened from the touch of your mouth as you consumed them.

The bed looks like a tornado passed through leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. 

A storm that happened so quickly, and passed as soon as it started and my body feels the after effects of the tempest of a storm that you created.  

I stretch out gently across the bed.  You have gone.  It is calm now.

My thighs are stuck together. 

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