01 July 2013


Now we’re in the bedroom.
The bed is our cocoon,
a soft haven. 

We pull the crisp sheets over our heads,
and we’ve created our own 
                                          pillowy world.

We are Gods. 

The sun shines

                       through the windows,
                        through the blinds,
peeking past the through the curtains.
Even though the sunlight snuck in, 
we welcome it. 


I open my eyes, 

Taking my first look at

The new world we have 
                         created, omnipotent.
A world of white sheets, 
our mingling scents... 
                                            and you…

You smile.
I can’t help
                          but smile back.

Why are we laughing?

Neither of us know;
but we are. 


© Kat

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