30 July 2013

I want your mouth

I want your mouth. Your kisses, each moment of the day. I want to feel the press of your body against me, your lips against mine as they meet.  A tentative brush as lips touch gently, my hand reaching around the back of your head, pulling you nearer still, allowing me to kiss you deeply, taking your lips, your tongue, your mouth.  Ebullient pressure as your lips gently part for me, opening you to me, so I can reach in and pull out your soul.  A desirous moment when when our tongues erotically meet and begin their amatory dance.  Lips and tongues moving with slow and gentle precision, each kiss expressing a depth of devotion, of love, of passion and desire. Lips that ache to kiss you. I want your mouth.


1 comment:

  1. Sensual, evoking, so sexy words... and nicely chosen photograph. Isn't it beautiful how she slightly arches her body back so that he has to make an effort to reach her lips?

    thanks, Kat