05 August 2011

My response III ~ "devoted slave"

Dear devoted_slave

I always find it so impossible to believe how someone, in this case you, can declare their undying devotion as a slave to someone you have not even corresponded with previously, let alone know anything about! 

Does your devotion, your need to submit mean that you will do so to anyone, anywhere, regardless that you may have absolutely nothing in common with them? 

Does it (or you) have that little worth?

Does it really honestly show any devotion at all?

I think not.

Instead, it shouts of desperation and it screams of being nothing more than a spammy email, one without care or thought, that will have been sent to each and everyone who dare to declare themselves dominant whether they are seeking or not. 

While I may seek someone who would be devoted. I seek someone who takes the time to get to know me, but also to give time and thought, care and attention to who they are making contact with and to know that we are at least on the same page.

Not only are we not on the same page, but it seems with your declaration of your undying devotion to me, that you haven't even bothered to open the cover, let alone to start reading further!

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