02 August 2011


The moment ignites the passion and fervour, as my mouth meets yours. Nails dragging down over your skin, a trail of welts raised and red are left behind.

Mouths brought together hungrily as a tongue flicks over your lips, forcing its way between them.  It fucks your mouth and the kiss devours you, consumes you, and moans of unsated arousal and pleasure escape from deep within. 

A body grinds down upon you, forcing itself against the hardness of your cock. The wetness seeping against your skin, the heat of the cunt burning against the dampness.  You know what is to come.

The mouth moves down over your body, a trailing tongue tracing the red welts adorning your skin, a light trail of saliva, causing goosebumps as the coolness meet the heat of your naked skin. 

You are marked in more ways than one. Lost to the feelings of the moment, the desire, the hunger, the passion.

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