12 August 2011

Thirsty ?

 "are you thirsty?"


"yes what?"

"yes Mistress I am thirsty"

His eyes filled with fear as I take him by the hand and lead him to the bathroom.  His eyes filled with confusion as he couldn't understand what was happening, or why I was taking him there.  I squeezed his hand as a sign of reassurance, but knowing that it wasn't going to reassure him at all.

"It's ok, I'm just getting you a drink"

"Thank you"

His voice struggling to be heard, his eyes looking down at his feet.  I let go of his hand, reaching towards him and removed the top he was wearing, his arms shifting by his sides, his fingers clasping tightly with uncertainty.

"Lie down on your back"

He hesitates, and I reach forward and push pressure on his shoulders, making him go down to his knees before he moves himself onto his arse, and lying down.  I stand over him, peering down at him and watch him for what for him, felt like the longest of times but was moments only.

He closes his eyes but I can still see his eyeballs moving quickly behind his eyelids. 

"Open your eyes"

I speak gently to him. I want to see the expression in his eyes, I need to be able to see the battles he is having within, the longing, the need, and the place that he goes to.  But I know he is unsure of what is to come, we haven't done this before. Or at least I haven't with him.

"It's ok baby"

I whisper to him.  And then tell him to open his mouth.

I am still standing over him, straddling him from a height. My stockinged legs placed either side of his head.  He doesn't know where to look, if he looks straight up he will see my naked cunt, and he is going through some sort of battle of wanting to look but being embarrassed to do so.  I smile at his shyness, I smile at the fact that he is doing this for me.  I smile that he looks so vulnerable led there beneath me.  I smile that although is head is telling him not to do it, that his heart, that his need to submit and please is giving him the strength to be there at that moment.

I lower myself down slightly.

"Open your mouth wide ~ you won't be thirsty for much longer"

The realisation of what is about to come his way hits home.  His face filling with a sense of panic.

"I'm not thirsty"

"oh come come now, you were a moment ago, so that hasn't changed has it?"

He nods.

"I think you're telling little fibs"


He shakes his head.

"just open your mouth"

The battle continues within his head, I can see this is pushing a limit for him, but a limit he wanted me to push.  I am not going to let the negative battle in his head win and try to reassure him.

"It's ok, it's going to be ok, now open your mouth for me, like a good boy"

He smiles at hearing those words, the affirmation of what he is.  And just as he does, I begin to relieve myself.  The warm liquid flowing into his mouth, splashing over his face, his eyes filling with his own tears.  His cock twitching from the humiliation of being made to drink this way, from me.

He begins to choke, not being able to handle the amount of liquid that is coming from me, I laugh at him gently. He is trying to swallow, trying to take as much into his mouth as he can, the rest falling over his face, wetting his hair and the mat that he is led on.

"There's a good boy" I whisper to him as I reach down to touch his head, touching his cheek, wiping up a splash from his face and giving him my finger to suck. 

He does so eagerly, tasting me. 

Wanting more he looks up at me, begging with his eyes

"please Miss, may I have more"

"Maybe JoJo. Maybe"


  1. Hi Top Kat,

    I am strung together like JoJo. I love drinking my Owner's piss, being told to receive it gratefully at those odd moments when I was least expecting it.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  2. Stumbled on over here. Great post, provoked a lot of imagery for me =)

  3. I'm just going to curl up in the corner whimpering with excitement now...