07 April 2017

I . . .you . . .

In dreams you
come to me,
and through my wishes
I could only
see the things
that you
would show
I could only know
the things that you
would tell
In those dreams and
in moments shared
my hands have
touched you
my eyes have
watched you
my lips have
kissed you
my mouth has
tasted you
I have known the
way you feel,
the way you move,
the way you sleep,
I have seen the
way you smile,
the way you look
And my body has known
in ways beyond,
beyond dreams
beyond touch
beyond wish
the desire that
with a
burning heat.


  1. Very very sexy, Kat.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. In dreams and in moments shared, dear Kat, you will share them again. It may be with someone different, it maybe with someone new, you may even reconnect with someone who you've connected with before, but you WILL share them again.

    Yours, as always A x