05 April 2017

Images & Visions

My eyes paint images
I've not yet seen
of you.
My mind creates visions
I've not yet witnessed
of you wanting,
bared and exposed.
And I think of all
the ways that I
want you and
with each new thought
the desire builds,
the wanting grows,
the longing aches.
Let us paint the images,
create the visions.
Let us share the desire
and wanting
and need.


  1. This is very sexy, Kat.

    This gives a strong sense of optimism and desire. I do hope the world has some great things in store for you soon.

    Take care.

  2. Thanks Fur,

    It's just a piece of writing that sparked from one simple thought :-) now that I'm back in the world of blogging (I've written more in the past 4-5 weeks than I've done in 3 years) I want to keep at it.

    Best, Kat

    1. Thank you, Kat.

      I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon to your blog when I did. I really enjoy your writing.

      Take care.