19 January 2015

A missed opportunity

"I think we both missed out on a great opportunity here." Carrie, Four Weddings and a Funeral.

These words spoken by Andie MacDowell in the film having spent the night with Hugh Grant as she is leaving to go back to the US.  The realisation that something has potential, and yet bad timing, difficult circumstances prevents that potential from growing, from developing.  Of course in the film, they don't miss out completely as they do end up together.

But, it is those few words that echo in my thoughts right now, although it wasn't after spending a night, it wasn't after anything particular, but it's still something that recent events makes me think that yes, there's been a great opportunity missed out on here.

Something which could have been great, something with potential, something that could have been rather interesting and lovely.  But alas, that opportunity has been "thrown away", lost. Missed.

And I think we have. Both missed out that is.

And that is a real shame.


  1. I've been thinking about this more, the potential for whst was there but yes it was just thrown away. It's a shame but I guess the timing wasn't there...

  2. Interesting that you assume this refers to you.....

    You maybe forget that one should never assume!