10 January 2015

Swallow to the root.

" Your mouth is an erogenous zone, no question about it - but in its entirety. 

The back of your mouth, tongue, palate and throat have a different range and number of nerve endings than the sensitive front of your mouth, but they transmit messages of pleasure to your brain and genitals just the same.

Sucking (suckling) and swallowing in an erotic context stimulates nerve pathways whose function is to build on your arousal levels, including the production of the arousal hormone, oxytocin. We get physical gratification from oral stimulation and we get it in spades when we swallow our lover to the root."

- Violet Blue

I wiill remind him of this (amongst other things) when the time comes.

When his time comes.


  1. LOL oh Kat. I found myself thinking how interesting this was and then read your own words.

    I have no doubt you would remind him of this. Always a light at the end of your tunnel.

    As always, A x

  2. Curiosity killed the cat indeed