11 January 2015


There is something incredibly hot watching him stroke himself. The strength in his hand, in his fingers wrapped around his hardness.

Watching the precise and deliberate strokes, teasing, torturing, tormenting as they take him to an edge that she denies him from falling over. Eyes glazed with a desire so lustful as he fixes his gaze upon her own lust filled eyes.  

Her own hands, mauling his flesh, scratching, pulling, twisting the skin of his thighs, his ass. The pain and teasing only heightening his desire further, he feels the pressure building within him like a volcano waiting to erupt.

Pre-cum drips from him, she knows that it will soon be hers, and indeed his again, but not until she is ready, not until she is ready to grant his body that release from his frustration. She loves to hear him whimper, she loves to hear him beg "please" as she makes his fist tighter around his cock, making him move harder, faster, more deliberate, more controlled.

She loves to hear his low growl of pleasure, of his arousal resonate in her ears.

She loves to watch him struggle to hold that moment, denying him for as long as she is able. She revels in the frustration in his face, the longing and salacious desire that burns in his eyes. Her own arousal deepening at the control that she has over his body, over his cock, over him.

She loves to see his face, his eyes filled with desire, with wanting, with love.  His body trembling with excitement, a sheen of sweat over him that enables her hands and fingers to glide easily over him, teasing him, stroking him, arousing him.

His movements grow with anticipation of that moment, and she loves to watch his salty seed spurt out of his body, over his hand, his groans and screams that escape his mouth in relief. 

And then she loves to give that seed back to him, forcing his fingers into his mouth one at a time as he recoils against the saltiness upon his lips, his mind which hasn't recovered enough to prevent this invasion in his mouth.

He sucks his own fingers, taking in every last drop. She loves to see him hungry for it.

For himself.

For her.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely love this one, could feel his frustration every inch of the way, feels like it's moving in real time, I got swept up with this one (being totally unprofessional here can feel myself kneeling between her legs, too frustrated to see her feeding off my torment pushing me along instrumental in my own impending violationl