14 January 2011

Foot whore!

I love words.

In reading. In writing.

In hearing. In speaking.

In blogging.

I need words.

I am a word whore!

I like to include definitions within some of my writings. 

It gives a basis to start from, it gives food for thought.  So, I was looking today for a word with a definition of someone who loves attention, of someone who loves to be worshipped as I wanted to include such a formal word and definition in my blog.

The thesaurus had nothing.

Nothing apart from where someone had asked

"I need some words for someone who :  "Loves being given attention" "wants to be worshipped""

First words that sprung to my mind?


Others? Dominant. Female. Domme. Me!

The replies that people had responded with went across the board, everything from ego-centric to narcisstic, to needy, to self-centred.

But none of the words fitted, none of them had fitted the description of what the person was searching for.

Then one man had responded



It made me smile.

The response I thought quite likely from someone submissive. Someone who knows what it is like to worship.

Someone who knows what it is to give real attention and all that can mean.  Someone however, commented about how wrong he was with his reply.
But he later responded with this:

"Show me a woman who doesn't love being given attention or who doesn't expect to be appreciated and I'll show you a woman who is going to be in bad relationships. As for worshipping, a little goes a very long way.

If men willingly gave more appreciation and attention instead of competition, relationships would last much longer."

Again he had made me smile. 

He got it.   He knew just what the "meaning" was even without the right word or definition.

Someone later went on to say

"I prefer the use of a non pc word "attention whore""

Not whore in the correct sense of the words of course, or with the correct definition.  But it fits ya'know.

It does describe it so very well.

So, I am female.

I am an attention whore.

I LOVE having my feet "worshipped".

And I do not mean just licked and sucked.

There is SO much more to it than that!

I love having them washed, soaped, dried. I love having them rubbed, pumiced, moisturised.

I love having them tended to, massaged, touched, gently scratched.

I can sit there for hours having my feet attended to.

They love the attention.

My feet are attention whores!

I love the attention they get, and I know that from a sub's point of view that it can be one of the wonderful acts of service, one which they gain pleasure in doing, knowing how much they have pleased the Dominant.

It is one of the basic acts of service, but one which can show much attention, much devotion, much love.

I love it.

I miss it.

And my feet are feeling ULTRA neglected.

It has been such a long time since they have received such wonderful attention.

And at the end of a very long week like this one has been, it would just be the perfect way to end the week.

And my god, how they would love such attention right now.

How wonderful it would be, to have my feet taken into a lap, to have any polish removed and then to have them gently washed in a bowl of warm water, gently scented, maybe even bubbles, oils or even petals.

And once they have been cleansed and allowed a leisurely soak for a while, to then have them taken out, gently placed on a warm fluffy towel.  Each foot then taken in turn, gently rubbed with a pumice to remove any hardness and leaving them so very soft to the touch. 

And then get rid of the traces of pumice and skin, to soak them further.  More warm scented water, feet allowed to soak while being gently rubbed while in the water.

The water being constantly topped up to make sure it remains warm.

Then, loving removed, placed on another warm fluffy towel to be patted dry. Followed by a lovely, long gentle foot massage with oils and lotions.  With more pressure just in the right places.

Around the heel, the balls of the feet, attention to each individual toe, across the top of the foot and around the ankle. Between each toe. No spot left untouched or unattended.

Then, for the nails to be freshly painted, making sure there isn't any on the surrounding skin. 

A couple of layers with plenty of time for them to dry in between time. 

And then, when they are cleansed, massaged and painted and then to shower them with even more love and attention.


Foot worship isn't about licking, kissing or sucking.

Hell no.

It is SO much more.

And my god it would be just bliss right now.

I miss that.

My feet are attention whores!!



  1. Your blog has been making for interesting bed time reading.

    My question is, are you really the foot whore? How about us boys who are wanting to adore, kiss, lick, suck.... your feet? Doesn't that make us the "foot whores"?

    Just a though,

    Northern Sub, x

  2. I do understand what you are getting at and yes, it probably does. The boy already commented to me about he will be my foot whore. It was just working on the attention whore aspect.

    I am glad I am keeping someone in bedtime reading LOL

    Regards, Kat x

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