07 January 2011

Gardening . . .

Not the greenfingered kind.

Not the tending to the flowerbeds or the paths.

Not weeding or mowing of the lawns

It is most certainly the wrong time of year for such work, and I hate it anyway so avoid it as much as possible. 

(although on a side note, if things progress as hoped during this current year, it won't be something I will need to avoid as I will have the boy tending my weeds and lawns!

So, not gardening of the garden.

But gardening of the mind.

The boy's mind.

I planted a seed yesterday.

A seed planted in the boys mind

I spent the day watching it grow.

Fed with nerves.

With fear.

With the fear of the unknown or what was to happen.

The wonderful delights of a mind fuck.

Or, is it a mind fuck?

That never knowing. That never being sure.  The boy thought it was.

The boy thought wrong!

But, I had decided that the boys behaviour had reached a point where he needed to be left with no doubt what his place is.  That he would be left in no doubt that his behaviour of late has been so unacceptable . . .so disappointing.

Him mentioining my cock once again was the final straw!

I had already decided what I was going to do, at the time of planting the seed.

The boy had all day to feel it grow.  And grow it did.

During the day  the boy while at work sent a few texts. It was clear that he was unsure what I had planned, it was clear that there was some fear behind those words.  At one point, the boy even made a poor attempt at making light of it, by saying he wonders what "delights Mistress has in store for the boy".

This isn't about "delights", this is about punishment for crap behaviour!

A text later in the day, the boy expressed he was going through one big mind fuck trying to think what I had in store for the boy.  I had specifically not given any details, it gets the mind to work better in that way. But by the end of the day, it was clear that the mind fuck had worked!

It was also clear to the boy, of my disappointment and unhappiness with the boy and how things have been.

So, the boy was given instructions when he got home to remove his underwear when he asked permission to walk the dog and told that he must wear the tight fitting pegs on his nipples while out on the walk also.  Not to cause pain, but to cause discomfort, a reminder. Just to maybe let him know that although the seed was planted, that it wasn't just going to be a mind fuck.

The need to undress and then dress again just to go out, making him think and focus, something very much needed after recent days!

In the evening I sent him a text to make sure that he had certain things ready.  This included pegs, an empty glass, a plate, the tube of deep heat that I had him purchase before Christmas and some cotton buds.  I had him send a photo to know that they were ready.

I have to say, it pissed me off slightly when he didn't even acknowledge the text and I had to send him a further text. Not a good start for the boy, and it only fuelled the fire, MY fire that he was going to indeed suffer.

The boy asked what he should do.

I told him to sit and await instructions.

Disappointing once again that the boy chose to "watch tv" while awaiting instructions. NOT what he had been asked to do.  But he will learn, to listen or take note of the instructions.

Again, it just made things worse. For him.

It made me feel more pissed off.

More determined that he would remember exactly what he was about to go through and why.

Some 30 mins later, I requested his company. 

We had the discussion as detailed in the last blog (about the journey and STOP! sign) because I had to be sure that the boy wanted to be on this journey, I wasn't going to waste my time punishing him for his disappointing behaviour if the reality was, he wanted out or was just playing a game.  With that cleared up, with things to work on and towards I ordered the boy to go to bed, to remove his clothes.

Now he was to see, it wasn't a mind fuck.  The boy said he had quite literally been shitting himself!


We continued our conversation, the boy assured me that this is what he wants. 

And so, having planted the seed, having watched it grow, it was time to reep the rewards.

Rewards for me that is and not him!

The boy has yet to blog about it, but there will be pictures of the things that he was asked to do, there will be his own description of the feelings he went through, and I will link to it from this blog. 

Edited to update the boy has now done his blog entry and it can be found on this link HERE

But, the boy, mistakenly thought it was all a mind fuck.


He thought it was all a game just to mess with his mind.

The boy thought wrong!

The boy now knows that I don't do "games", mind fuck or not.

I could tell the boy was frustrated from his sighs and moans, hearing how desperate he is to touch and hear him moan and groan, always gets me! It makes me want to frustrate him even more, it makes me aroused, and I never hide that arousal from the boy as it makes his frustrations felt even more!
It is one of those things that I like, the fact that I am controlling the boy and his frustrations are down to me.

Control is my thing. 

I asked him if he wanted to touch.  "yes please" the boy said, so I thought I would ask him to make sure.  I had in some way, hoped that he would have declined, hoping that the conversation we had only 30 mins or so earlier regarding his focus on release and my cock would have sunk in.

It hadn't.


I said "Are you sure?"

"Yes Mistress"

My mind was made up at that point, that the boy would regret it.  The thoughts I had from earlier in the morning had grown beyond what I had in thought from that point.

The boy touched.

When my cock was hard, I made him get a cotton bud and place it into the deep heat.  To wipe that deep heat around under the head of the cock.  To then dip a cotton bud back into the deep heat and to place it right down into the eye of his cock. 

It was clear it was already beginning to sting and hurt.  When the boy said "It stings", I made him twiddle it a bit more. 

The boy would learn!

From that point, with the cotton bud sticking out of My cock, I had him take two pegs and clamp the foreskin over the end of the cock.

Then, I sat back and waited.

It hurt.


It burned.


I made the boy twiddle the cotton bud some more.  Then I made him pull each peg off the skin.  A quiet "ouch" from the boy.

"I so fucking want to hurt you boy!" I told him.  And he was getting off lightly to how much I would have hurt him if I had gotten my hands on him.

When I asked him on a scale of 1-10 how much it burned.

"9" was the boys reply.

Same question about how much it hurt

"9" was the boys reply.

I didn't want 9.

I wanted 10.

I told him to dip the cotton bud back into deep heat and place it back into the end of his cock. To rub it around. The boys pleas "Oh no Mistress not again. Please not again"  simply made me tell him to shut up and get on with it.

I don't do sympathy.  I don't do begging.  It only made me want to hurt him all the more!

Fuck! I wanted him to hurt.

I wanted him to be totally aware of how his behaviour has been unacceptable and I wanted him to learn that I can be more of a Bitch than he has seen, witnessed or even thought. 

My sadistic needs even surprise me at times LOL

I made him repeat, more deep heat into the eye of his cock. 

Hearing his pleas, hearing his suffering, only made me want to hurt him more!

I made the boy play with my cock, to make it hard, to rub the deep heat into the skin so it would take effect. And take effect it did, to the point of where, the boy couldn't stop his orgasm because he couldn't feel it coming.

I actually found this quite amusing.  I knew the deep heat in the eye would make the cock less sensitive, even numb it. So it didn't surprise me.

But did the boy ask permission to orgasm?


Now, this wasn't amusing to me.

One of the basic rules that has been in place from day 1. 

The boy asked to go to toilet. I told him to piss in the glass I had made him get ready for me.

He did this.

I made him drink it.

He did. 

His comment about how disgusting it tasted. Tough!

Made him take photos just to add to the humiliation, so that he can put them on his blog, so that it will serve as a reminder that a) I don't play games, that b) not to forget to ask for permission and c) that his behaviour has been unacceptable, but that it stops here.

The boy will learn. Even if the hard way.

The only thing that eased the disappointment about the orgasm and his not asking permission, was the fact that, when he said he couldn't stop it, I told him to stop playing.  His stopping touching my cock meant that while he came, he had no pleasure from it.  He didn't experience a full orgasm, or as in the boys words "it was ruined".


The boy didn't deserve release. He didn't deserve any pleasure from what happened last night.

So, I was pleased it was ruined. 

But anyway, hopefully the boy is learning from last night, from the conversation, from what we discussed and from all that happened.

He said he came close to calling me some names. Well, thats good. It means that it had some of the effect I was hoping for.

Lets hope we move forward and that all is rosey in the garden!


  1. Hi Top Kat, great site you have here, I couldn't stop reading it last night. Do you have a link to "the boys" blog so that we can hear about your encounters from it's opinion?

    Northern Boy, x

  2. Hi Northern Boy,

    Thank you for your message and words about my blog ~ always nice to get feedback.

    The boy's blog is always linked within my blogs on the left of my site titled "the boys blog" but for ease it is on this link

    Regards, Kat

  3. Just wanted to say I'm also enjoying your blog :)

  4. Top Kat, thank you for you reply. Im heading to see what the boy has to say right now.

    Northern Boy, x

  5. @ Miss Bonnie ~ thank you for your kind comments about my blog ~ am glad that you're enjoying reading!

    @ Northern Boy ~ you are more than welcome.

    Regards to both,

    Kat x