12 January 2011

I don't know what I feel like doing . . .

It's raining.


There is nothing more depressing than a wet, grey January day. 

Oh yes there is something more depressing. . .a wet, grey January day, stuck in the office!

It really is one of the most awful times of year.

At least if it was warmer, the builders who are currently working on the church opposite my office window would have FAR less clothes on and would give me something worth ogling at while I am sat at my desk LOL as it is, they are wrapped up in layer upon layer topped by bright yellow flourescent jackets and hard hats.

The only thing that gives me any inspiration is the amount of scaffolding and just how interesting it would be to secure someone to it, or blindfold them and walk them along it, making them think they are 40 feet off the ground when in reality, they aren't.

Nothing like a bit of "fear" to get the endorphins going.  Mind you, I am not quite sure what will get mine going at the moment.  I think they have gone into hibernation.

It's January. It's raining. It's depressing.

A friend of mine has just begun planning her wedding.  Hmmm . . .a depressing thought!

It's over 4 months until our trip to New York and Florida.  4 months!
Depressing. Yes.

I don't know what I feel like doing.

Blegh to depressing, raining days in January!

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