28 January 2011

Standing there

He stands there naked.

His eyes gazing down at the floor and I can see how desperate he is to look up, yet not daring to. I can see the strain in the side of his face as he is forcing himself not to raise his gaze, the raised veins in his temples as he grits and grinds his teeth through the nervous fear of the unknown. 

Every so often a shiver runs across him as the coolness of the air hits the heat of his naked skin.  I can clearly see the goosebumps that form on his skin from where I am standing, beads of sweat building up on his forehead and back.

His legs slightly apart. Arms down but away from his sides. Occasionally his toes wriggle as a sign of his nerves. 

The passing time has taught me how to read him, I know when he is nervous, I know how he curls up his big toes as if trying to get a grip on the floor, as if it is going to stop whatever may come his way, the way his jaw when his mouth is closed moves slightly from side to side with tension.

But this time, he looked unsure. Embarrassed even as my eyes bored holes straight through him as I stare.

I look him up and down, tilting my head from one side to another as I look at all that is mine, knowing what I am going to do in my own mind but determined to draw this time out, to witness his fear, his nerves, the anticipation, his arousal.   He shifts a little from being stared at in this way, I can tell from the redness of his face that he is feeling humiliated of my inspection of him. 

I smile at his discomfort.  His vulnerability. I continue to stare.

No words, no touch, no sound, no anything.

I can tell he is growing more nervous the longer he remains there, and I want to go to him to tell him "it's ok".

But I don't. I don't want to reassure him yet, to lull him into a false sense of security ahead of what may come. 

I want to drink all of him in, watching his reactions, the feelings as they course through his body, the fear of the unknown, the nerves, the humiliation of being studied so intently.

Watching him, the feelings flow around my own self, the wanting and longing to touch him, to tease him, to hurt him, to kiss him, to hold him, just to whisper in his ear, for us to fuck with the urgency and need that we have had from the first time that we met.  Watching the battle going on within his head, his own arousal, his humiliation, his fears, arouses me.

I say nothing. I do nothing. I just stand and stare and make an occasional "hmmmmm" as I take in every part of him, my mind racing with all of the images of the things I want to do to him, to inflict upon him. 

"Turn around for me"

He does so, shifting nervously knowing that now he will not even be able to see my feet on the floor where his gaze has been fixed for the time he has been stood there.  His shoulders twitch nervously, he slightly loses his balance so I tell him to spread his legs wider.

I stand, clothed behind him, and simply stand there and watch. 

Knowing the reactions his body will always have, the room is silent, yet it is like I can hear all the things that are running through his mind. 

Taking a couple of steps towards him, he can feel my breath upon his neck, I sense the shiver over his body as he feels it, the anticipation of what to come is coursing through his body. I lean forward and gently whisper into his ear

"Spread your legs baby"

He does so. 

His gaze still towards the floor but I can see from the movement of his face that his eyes have slightly turned as he seeks to look at me where I am stood behind his shoulder.  I run the tip of my fingernail down his spine, the nail just tentatively touching his skin, kissing his neck as I do so.  He shivers once again and a groan escapes from his body.  I know just what he is feeling and I laugh as his cock begins to twitch.

"Your body betrays you" I say to him, as I laugh a little more.  His cheeks redden at the embarrassment of being aroused by such humiliation, of such inspection, of the fear that he is feeling.  He doesn't speak. He knows to remain silent.

Reaching through his legs which are now spread I take hold of his balls and squeeze gently, I feel his body tense, his cock begin to twitch, I twist them, hearing the grasp of his breath. "Oh, does that hurt?" a slight nod of his head mixed with a little shake, his mind confused as to whether it hurts him or not.  I twist them hard and sharp and he groans and moans.

His cock now hard from arousal, his breathing shallow, his body quivering, his eyes still focussed on the floor.  I reach around him with my other hand, taking his cock in my hand.

"Oh my baby is all hard and aroused". Again I laugh, moving my hand backwards and forwards, slowly masturbating his cock even harder, his breathing changes.  And I feel his body tense more and still he looks down, his body beginning to shake a little more from the arousal and anticipation. 

"oh please . . . " he whispers, his voice stuttering as I grip him harder and move my hand faster up the shaft of his cock.  Pre-cum leaks from the end of his cock, I touch it with my finger, bringing it up to his mouth, "Open wide for me" and he does so, hungrily taking my finger into his mouth, sucking and licking.  And it gets me, right there, right in the pit of my stomach.

"Oh my baby is such a slut" I laugh as I say it, once again his cheeks redden, he is so easy to embarrass and humiliate with words as if he is ashamed of the things that arouse him, as if it is wrong.  "It's ok baby" I whisper into his ear, my hand still moving up and down the shaft of his cock, lubricated by the pre-cum, "don't be ashamed, don't be embarrassed that you're such a slut"

His cock strains at the names he is called and I can tell from his growing arousal, from the depth of his breath, from the straining within his cock, the tensing of his body that he is not far from release; a release I do not want him to have yet.  "No baby, you're not going to come for me yet" I say gently, I hear a sigh of frustration, a deep breath of longing and I feel myself fill with feelings for him, towards him, about him, knowing that I have such control over him, something that arouses me too.

I stop, letting go of his cock, and my hand stroking the cheeks of his arse, and I feel him tense, as if he knows what is coming and is fearful of it, wanting it, yet fearing it.  And as I stand there to his side, I reach up and slap his cheek for stopping me from probing into his arse.  I don't know what sends the feelings through me more, the glazed look in his eyes as his head falls away from the sting of my palm, the gasp that comes from his mouth, or the way his cock reacted to the slap of my palm against his cheek.

"Don't stop me" I whisper to him.

And as his eyes continue to roll, as they glaze over and he is in a different place, I feel his body relaxing, the cheeks of his arse becoming softer, and I probe with my finger.

He gasps and groans as I enter him, teasing inside him with one finger.  And his breathing quickens and shortens, and his cock twitches, and he groans and begs.

"Oh god, please, please let me come" he begs, his eyes seek imploringly, desperate to hear the "Yes you may", but his ears do not hear that right now.  And I can sense his desperation, his arousal, his longing.

"Not yet baby, you know what is coming don't you?"

He shakes his head, and he looks like a little child being denied a sweet, and his face looks so sad, he looks so young and vulnerable right then and I want to hold him and touch him, and tell him it's ok. 

And I love him for it, for his vulnerability, and I've loved him for it from the first moment that we met. And I love him for just how he reacts and his openness and that how his body betrays his mind, his emotions, his feelings and his inner self. And I love how during the time we have shared that he has opened himself to me so much and in so many ways.

"Kneel down for me baby" and he knows just what to do, as he leans forward on his elbows and rests his forehead against the rug on the floor. 

He spreads his legs, knowing what is to come, and I can tell that he is nervous, but his body continues to betray his arousal.

I laugh outloud.

I know that he will feel humiliated as I stand behind him inspecting his arse from a slight distance, I know that just as he did when he stood before me that he will be embarrassed as I take in all of his body.

I want to keep him there just like that, for always.  Like a statue to look at forever, his body, his arousal, his reactions, his vulnerability, his longings, his desires on display for ever.

And his body is inviting me in, but I want to keep him there just like that, just so I can look at him in that way for always, just while I decide what I want or don't want to do with him.  A living statue, a beautiful statue of submission and devotion, a beatiful picture of arousal and love, something that I could touch, or lean on, something I could slap, or crop each time I walk past, something I could put my feet upon while I sit and relax, using him like a table or a footstool.  Something that I could explore with my fingers, fuck with a toy, paddle or tease. 

And I want to take him right there and then, and I want us to fuck on the floor like we did the first time we met.  And I am thinking of that right now, of how it felt, of the shock that he had when he realised that it wasn't just going to be the normal sex that he had always known.

"Are you ok baby" I ask, standing from a distance. 


"Tell me, how much you want this, how much you need it"

"I want you"

I smile.

"I want you too baby"

He smiles.

"I need you"

I smile again.

"I want you and need you . . . " "Oh god I need you". "I adore you . . ." as he gushes with lots of declarations of needs and wants and love. And I smile at him and god I want him so much too.

And his body shivers, and my body responds and hearing him say this goes straight to my cunt.

I walk up to him, standing behind him, and take the large butt plug that is on the table, rubbing lube all over and around the plug. I place it at the tight entrance to his arse, he starts to tense and I slap his cheeks so damn hard with my hand that my hand stings and burns. He cries out in pain and surprise.

"Don't stop me baby, you need this just as you need me, now open yourself to me"

And like the good boy that he is, he spreads his legs, offering himself to me, using his hands to spread his cheeks so I have all the access that I need.  I lean forward and slowly push the plug inside him, he gasps and cries out. 

"Oh my god, I can't take it, I can't take this."

"Take it for me baby, take it all for me"

And I slowly push the plug deep into his depths, and he cries with each little push, and I can feel it stretching him to a limit we haven't explored as yet. 

"Good boy, you're such a good boy baby"

And between his gasps and his whimpers I hear a broken "thank you" and he is still there, his legs spread, his head still down on the floor and he is gasping and crying out and he is moaning and groaning, and I continue to push the plug deep inside of him, and I hear a gentle sob come from him and that hits me even more. 

"It's nearly there baby", I say gently encouraging him to hold on, but not intending to stop.

"It hurts, oh my god it hurts so badly, I can't take any more."

"I know baby, I know it hurts, but it feels so good doesn't it?"

I do not give him time to answer, instead I push it in more, and he lets out the deepest of groans and his cock is hard and dripping with cum, and his head starts to move up from the floor as his body begins to move and I know that he is losing himself to the moment of pain, of arousal, of being stretched and filled and that his fear and nerves have all melted away as he drifts off to the place of taking it all, of pleasing, of wanting it.  And he groans and moans, and gasps and he cries out, his body almost being wracked with the sobs as the tears fall from his eyes.

And god, seeing him hurt in this way, taking it, giving himself over to the moment to me, makes me want to hurt him all the more, and it makes me feel for him all the more. And I can feel my own arousal, my own needs screaming in my head.

"That's it baby, take it all for me now, you're doing so well baby"

The plug is almost in to its depth, and I love how his arsehole has stretched and I pull the plug out gently so I can see just how much he has opened himself to me, and I take his cock in my hand and start to move my hand up and down the shaft, harder and faster and as I push the plug deep back into his arse hard and fast and his cock twitches "OH FUCK!" he screams out and I laugh.

And his breathing gets faster and his cock gets harder and his body begins to move and as he arches his back as beads of sweat break out on his forehead and his beautiful back.

"Come for me baby"

"Oh god" he cries out

And as his cum spurts from his cock, his body arches even more and he shudders as I continue to move my hand up and down his cock as he continues to spurt and shudder.

The plug still deep within his arse. 

He is spent, his body shaking and shivering as he curls into a ball on the floor.  I sit down, bringing him into my arms, stroking his head gently as he places it into my lap, as he slowly comes back into the here and now.  And as he looks up to me, I smile, his eyes still glazed as he smiles back, still lost to the pain of being filled, but the pleasure of the release from the intensity of his orgasm that I have granted him.

I lean forward and kiss the top of his head. And I love him for what he gives to me, and I love him for all I can take from him.

"Oh baby, you did so well"

"Thank you" he smiles as he closes his eyes with a long deep breath in and out as his body relaxes and recovers. And I hold him close while he comes back to me knowing that this is just the start.

A wonderful moment not to be forgotten.

I haven't.

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  1. Who would forget that!

    What a great amount of mixed emotions, what a sensual, erotic, loving and intriguing moment. I love how you describe all the intense feelings involved. How you control them , how you shape them to meet your desires, how you play with them.

    It is so so beautiful...