10 October 2011

You've gotta go sometime

"And I am not frightened of dying. Any time will do, I don't mind. Why should I be frightened of dying? There's no reason for it. You've gotta go sometime."  Great Gig in the Sky. Pink Floyd

I have just realised that this is the first time within my blog that I have mentioned anything even remotely music related.
I have a love of music, in the same way I have of words, of poetry.  There are just some pieces that are incredible.  The images that they create do not need words, they do not need explanations.
And this piece of music came to me today . . .mainly because the lyrics came to me today.  It is one of my favourites . . . and it is HERE  and although there are different versions, I particularly loved the one that featured on the Pulse Album from 1994. 

It is incredibly haunting.


It doesn't need words.  It just *is*
But one that I love.  It is one to listen to, relaxing in a darkened room, maybe by candlelight . . .it brings memories.

Bittersweet memories.  Of a time that was, but one that will not be again.  Wow, today has been a day of reflection. Of memories.  Of things that have been, maybe it is because I have been reflecting . . .reflecting on the things in my present, and the thoughts I have been having regarding the future.

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