28 October 2011

My Response V ~ sufficiently interested

Dear sufficiently_interested

It is rather strange that you took the time to send a message but all you could comment on was how long my profile took to read and a pathetic attempt at sarcasm at how I must like writing.

So what if I do?

You don't have to read it. 

No-one is forcing you to read it. No-one is forcing you to do anything.

But why bother to comment if that is all you have to say?

You said you read it because you  are "sufficently interested"

Can I just say, so you are left with no doubt . . .that feeling or interest is most definitely NOT mutual. 

I am not even remotely interested, let alone sufficiently so.

Good luck!

1 comment:


    i have been reading not only your own blog but some of the links that you read on other people's blogs. The more i read your own words and the words of others that you yourself read.....the more i feel humbled about my own place in a FLR. i have always had in the back of my mind a space that gives me some personal satisfaction and personla need to be in such a relationship, but that space (thought) in my mind is slowly getting smaller. I see myself less and less as the other half in such a relationship and yet at the same time i am a neccesary, albeit maybe not important, part of the relationship. We are obviously two beings, especially if we are not together, but i see my part in a flr where we, or much more so i, become less than and you become more than, i hope that makes sense........................

    its my will, my wanting, to become what you want for you. I remeber the time when i thought that that would gave my position more importance, whereas now i dont have that thought anymore. I have always had a keen understanding of what makes me tick, what gaves my heart its beat, and that is to try for extinguising the ego, the i. My limits are obvious, i have been socialised and conditioned. However, in the flr that i seek to be led i see my ego slowly but surely disappearing.

    an openness of my physical and psychological self, a sharing, totally, of my make up to one other person, someone that i seek to love and adore beyond what any vanilla relationship can offer, without that social conditioning that so many not only accept but live their lives ignorantly constantly under its invisible cloak. That i can offer my thoughts, not with the notion that these thoughts are who i am, but with the notion that this is where i am today, please, let me know where i should be going in a flr.