04 October 2011

My Response IV ~ profile writer!

Dear will_you_write_my_profile

You didn't know that your own profile was blank?

Then you try to claim that you "attempted to fill it in ages ago" but that it didn't work.

Then you ask if I will help you do it now?

Will I?

Umm . . .in one word.


I will not write your profile!

Why would I?

I don't know you or anything about you!

And why would I then be interested in getting to know you further, if I've even had to write your profile?  Hmmmm . . . It really doesn't bode well for the future, if you can't even put a little effort in now.

Actually, wait a minute.

I will write it for you . . . .

"A right lazy cunt who cannot even be bothered to write a profile "

Would that do?

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