05 October 2011


My tongue leaves a trail of dampness as it explores
you.  As it makes its way from your ear lobes and down
the side of your neck.  You flinch. I pause. If only for a
moment to whisper in your ear. Your skin tingles as the cool air
hits the dampness on your warming skin.  Your eyes remain
hidden behind a blanket of silk.  You shiver.  Shudder almost as
the tip of my tongue slowly moves down you.  Flicking over your 
chin, your neck, down to your naked chest.  I tease your
nipples, gently caressing them as they harden beneath the
administrations of my tongue. Before I suck. Before I bite. You
groan from within, moaning. Your breathing heavy as you
encourage through your exhales for me to continue.  I move further
down across your stomach, down your sides to your hip bone and you
shiver with the teasing that leaves you squirming, trying to
guide me to the place that you want me to be. Yet I tease you
purposefully. Circling around you, going anywhere but the place
that you long for my tongue to make contact with.  I move further
down, you move away, move toward me. I tease you purposefully.
Circling around, the tip of my tongue teasing, Your body rising
from the bed where you are restrained at wrists and ankles.  Your
body burning. Burning with need. Desire. My tongue is damp, warm,
moist against your skin. You long for it to touch you, to tease
your hardened sex.  The muscles tighten in your thighs, your toes curling. Every movement of your body is felt.  My nails carve into
your skin, leaving a reddening mark as they follow the trail of my
tongue. The feeling from the dampness of my tongue, against the
harshness of my nails confusing your mind, your body.  My
tongue is sucking and nibbling, swirling around over your skin;
over your body. Your back arching. Your muscles tense. Your
breathing deep and heavy as my tongue circles around the hardness
of your cock, the fullness of your balls.  My fingers teasing as they
find the entrance to your ass.  You are almost inviting me in, begging
me to take you in my mouth. To push my fingers in deeper.  And
just as I do, you start to cum. You are begging for me to touch
you, to help you on your way. Except I stop. Watching the
frustrations that scream through your body.  The lack of
stimulation. The lack of pleasure. It is ruined.

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  1. O. M. G.

    Fantastic post! And how I relate to those frustrations. *smile*

    I wish more people would comment and share their thoughts on your posts. They hit the mark so very often.

    As always, A