09 November 2011

Silent Movie.

We sat there. 

In silence.  

I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he stared forward at the screen and the movie that I had allowed him to choose (and one that he had so wanted to see!)

I was bored. Restless. 

Not interested in the film playing out before me.  

He stared intently. Engrossed. Lost in the storyline.  He remained silent, even when my hand started wandering over the top of his thigh. The tip of my long, neatly french manicured nail drawing patterns through the material of his trousers, almost making contact with his skin.  

I felt him shiver.

I heard the change in his breathing.

I felt the straining of his trousers as his body reacted to my touch.

The guy next to him looked down at my hand wandering over his leg.  Watching the patterns I was making, watching the teasing of my fingers brushing gently over the top of his restrained cock. 

He looked up at me. Smiled. 

You continued to look straight ahead at the movie. I smiled back.

For all intent and purposes, it could have been a silent movie for all I cared.  I was more interested in teasing you as you sat next to me, seeing how long it would take for me to break your gaze from the screen, seeing how long it would take for you to shift uncomfortably at your body's reactions.

I didn't stop.

Not even knowing that the man next to you was aware of what I was doing.  In fact, it made me want to tease you all the more.  I was watching you. Watching him at the same time.

You didn't say a word or make a noise when I slowly undid the zip of the trousers you were wearing, or even when I slipped my hand inside, finding an aroused and hardened cock, twitching, throbbing, begging to be played with.

I intentionally continued despite the pair of eyes next to you watching.  I didn't hide what I was doing. I didn't pick up your jacket from the floor to place over your lap.  I didn't want to hide.  I didn't want to pretend.

I wanted to play.

Freely. No distractions.

Nothing getting in my way or preventing me from doing what I wanted to be doing right then.

No distraction. No barriers. No subtlety.

I didn't want to be subtle. I wanted to do what I wanted to do.

I leant over towards you, whispering in your ear that the guy next to you was watching, that he was jealous that your cock was hard in my hands.  I could feel the heat from your face, your cock twitching in my hand in reaction to the humiliation of knowing that you were being played with, but being watched by some unknown stranger.

I began to play with you more forcefully. My fingers and hands maintaining a strong grip, my fingers finding their way around your cock as they moved the foreskin back and forth, the first drops of precum finding their way to my fingers. I pulled them out, placing them to your mouth as you sucked.

He was watching.  He smiled.

I smiled at him again.  You continued to stare straight ahead.  I could feel your pulse racing. Your heart beating a million beats a minute.  Your face flushed.

You still didn't make a sound.

But began to close your eyes and lose the focus on your film the harder that I teased you.  I could feel your body tensing up beneath my grasp, forcing yourself up into my hands, trying to move to a place where you needed or wanted me to touch you.

And you leant back into the chair and I knew that I had you.  I knew that you were close.  I whispered into your ear that he was still watching you. That I wanted you to keep your eyes open and watch what I was doing, what was happening around you.

And he was watching you. Watching you becoming hard in my hand.  Watching you as you moved to enable me the access that I demanded.  Watching you as in silence you came.

Just like a silent movie.


  1. What an experience. Thank you.


  2. Thank you appy, for taking the time to not only read, but to comment. Much appreciated.

    Regards, Kat

  3. i see you are getting your mojo back Kat, love it..... T_A.XXX

  4. Thank you T_A, I'm glad you enjoyed!

    Shame the mojo hasn't come back enough to get into my novel writing LOL