10 November 2011

Keep it to yourself!


You like my writing.

I appreciate that.

Truly. I do.

And seeing as it seems to be "love our lurkers" day in blogland, I just want to say that yes, I love my lurkers! I love my commenters too.

I appreciate the fact that people have taken the time to read things that I have written, that they then take the time to comment on it also.

I appreciate the feedback that people make in terms of what they have read, in that it may be something they relate to, or that they have simply enjoyed reading.  Or that it has made them think or look at things differently.  It is always nice to know that people have related.

All of that is great.

I love getting the feedback here on the blog, it is why I have the "comments" facility enabled, and while I know not everyone wants to post here, I appreciate the emails and memo's that they send me elsewhere instead.

And I am not complaining or moaning about any of you LOL 

But you know what?

I really DO NOT need to know that it made you "get off" or that it excited you so much you had to wank your tiny little cock!

Firstly, wanking or what someone does to their tiny little cock holds absolutely NO interest for me.  But you know what, it isn't information or feedback that anyone really wants to know or hear about. 

I know that I don't!

I don't care. No, really I don't!

It doesn't interest me.

It isn't going to draw me to you or make me enter into any further conversation with you. So please, just keep those sort of things to yourself! 

It isn't going to get you anywhere. It most certainly isn't going to get you anything, even if you say to me "I'd really like you to do that to me" or "when will you do that to me" (and if you have any sense about you, you'll realise that such comments will mean you're as far away from getting that as you could ever be!)

It isn't going to happen.

No. Honestly.

It isn't!

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