25 November 2011

"Life" Happens . . .

I feel like shit!

And that is somewhat putting it mildly.

For those who do know me, you will know that I am not a good patient.

I am not a "patient" patient!!!

In fact, I am not an anything patient.  Being or feeling ill is something that I do not have time for and it frustrates the hell out of me if it gets in the way.  It rarely does.  I don't take time out unless there really is no other choice.  But then there rarely is any other choice, what with work, family commitments, it just isn't possible to take that "downtime" that we sometimes need to recover more quickly and get back on our feet.

Well, I've now had toothache for approaching two weeks . . .I may have some masochistic "desires" at times, but this is neither a nice pain, or one I want.  It certainly would never fulfill any of those masochistic needs.  I haven't had time to even make an appointment for the dentist ~ let alone get to see one!

And now on top of it, I've got a really bad cough with a cold on the way. Passed on so very generously from one of the guys in the office, who having come into the office, declared he had man flu and then pissed off home, but here long enough of course just to spread whatever he has around!

Maybe I should just go home, curl up under the duvet with the dogs (who are also suffering from doggie colds and coughs :( ) a duvet day! That is what is in order . . .curl up, under the duvet, mug of lemsip with hot chocolate for later and do nothing.
If only . . . .

I don't have the time to be ill and I don't have the time to feel like this. Work is rather busy right now and as I am in the process of redesigning the whole new company website it means I'm having to work at home too . . .something that I try to avoid at all costs (although when you have your own company you know that there will be times it will filter over!)

Christmas is approaching and I don't have any "holiday spirit" although I have been tentatively searching for flights for a holiday next year so I am perhaps in the holiday spirit of a different kind LOL  but having loved New York immensely, hoping to travel back, maybe stay for a week or little longer, or combine it with a few days on the beach in Miami or somewhere else we have never been.  It is just a shame that the time of year I am looking at is such an expensive time for hotels in NYC!  

But, I need some sun NOW!  Novembers are increasingly depressing here in the UK, although today is a slight exception with a blue sky and the sun . . .it just isn't warm!

I have received some messages asking where I've been, why I've not blogged . . .well . . .now you know . . . "life" ~ it happens for all of us!


Why is it everything feels so much worse when you don't feel well.

I need some severe "me" time. Lots of pampering and time out . . .

If only eh!


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  2. Jack,

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