10 November 2011

Taking it all

I sat on the edge of the bed and you knelt on the floor before me, your head lowered.  If your eyes had been open you would have only seen my naked legs and the floor before you.  You are breathing deeply, slowly.

I bring your face up to look at me, looking deep into your eyes.

I watch you for the longest of moments, I can tell that you have so many thoughts running through your mind.  You're on edge. Nervous. Scared.  I touch your face gently, my finger tracing the outline of your face, your cheeks and chin.

I kiss you gently.

You feel my fingers playing with and running through your hair, it makes you shiver, it makes you relax and pushes you into the deepest of spaces.  Your eyes drop, you lower your head and I lift your chin with my hand bringing your eyes up to meet my own.

I can see the fear in your eyes, the fear mixed with the look which says "I trust you" regardless of how filled with fear that you are.

I smile at you.

Reassuring you that you are in safe hands, gently stoking your cheek as you lean into my hand to gain a swift moment of comfort, your eyes closing slightly as you breath in deeply all of the feelings that come from the slightest of touch. And I feel you relax into my hand, lapping up its touch against your flushed face.

I continue to look into your eyes, not breaking the gaze, undressing you slowly, until you are naked before me.  I am still watching you intently until your eyes break away and look down.  I lift your chin again with a little more force and instruct you to keep it there.  I push my forefinger in between your lips, forcing them apart, your mouth opens for me, like a baby bird receiving the food from its mother. Your tongue gently circling the finger that is in your mouth

I know that you are ready, instructing you to open your mouth wider and to close your eyes.  I see the fear growing deep within them as I push you back a little, then step up and move gently away.  You close your eyes, your mouth is still wide open.  I see you moving your tongue, swallowing trying to wet the dryness of your mouth.

The door opens and he steps forward, walking into the room until he is standing before you.  You feel his cock at your lips and I see you recoil at this unknown and unwanted intrusion, my hand reaches around your head holding you still, making sure that you do not pull away from him, or from me.  I push you forward onto the length of his cock, it slowly glides into your mouth and into the back of your throat.  

You gag, cough and splutter and he withdraws a little so you can catch your breath.  My hand grips your head, reaching into and taking a fistful of your hair.  I push your mouth back down the length of his cock, you close your lips around him, dropping your throat this time to take him further. You gently suck as he pulls back out and we all hear the deep moan that escapes from your throat as I grip your hair more tightly and as you eagerly, hungrily take his cock back into your mouth.  

His cock is hard, thick and throbbing in your mouth,  your own is beginning to harden at the intrusion into your mouth. I can tell from the expression upon your face that you have tasted the precum leaking from his cock, the first time you have tasted anothers.

My hand keeps your head still as he pumps his cock harder and deeper into your mouth.  You are gagging and choking, tears forming at the corner of your eyes and running down your cheeks. I wipe them away with my other hand as he continues to fuck your mouth.  The movement speeding up, you adjust your head to allow his cock further into your throat, lessening the grip your lips have around him, allowing him in, harder and deeper. And he is speeding up. And you are taking it like a whore.  And your cock is aching and you are moaning between the choking, heaving and gagging. And I see the lust within your eyes, the longing, the pleading, and I know that you are here taking this for me, and it goes straight to my cunt.  And I am aching and longing, watching you loving the thing that you're hating, that you're loving it and taking it just for me.

And I encourage you gently, the cock whore that you are. And your eyes are glazed, glazed with desire and lust and longing.  And he is fucking your mouth and your throat and I am pushing your head further down onto him, his balls banging against your chin. 

And just when you think you're going to choke to death, you feel the warmth of his cum shoot down the back of your throat and you are gagging fiercely at the shock of the liquid.  

"Swallow it all" I whisper in your ear. "Swallow it all like the cock hungry whore that you are!" and you are milking him with your mouth, devouring him, taking him and his load into your mouth and down your throat.

And he pulls out from your mouth, your eyes moving up to meet my own, I look at you and smile, leaning forward I whisper gently in your ear "There's a good boy" and a smile spreads over your face as he pushes his cock back into your mouth as you're told to clean him up properly.  Sucking out every last drop.

"You enjoyed that didn't you?" I ask.

You nod, slowly.

Your face reddening from the humiliation that you're feeling at having sucked another mans cock.  Ashamed that you took him in your mouth, sucking him, milking him with your mouth, ashamed that your own hard cock betrayed the desire that you felt about something that you recoiled for only a moment before.

He steps back away from you and I stand before you, raising your chin up with my hand once more.  I look into your eyes, conveying how pleased I am with what you have just done for me, what you have taken for me.

"I . . .I.  ..thank you, for allowing me to be your whore" you manage to whisper.

I smile.

"Is there something else that I may do for you?" you ask smiling back.

"Maybe JoJo.Maybe"


  1. I can understand your need to have written the last blog entry, unfortunately there will always be idiots who will think solely with what is between their legs. But O.M.F.G. when you write posts like this, it makes it incredibly hard not to!

    I will refrain from saying the effect that it had on me which I would do so anyway from good manners. However, I related to that fear, that feeling of the deepest of spaces from a simplest of touches.

    Another wonderful piece of writing. JoJo has certainly been one lucky guy!

    With all best wishes, as always.


  2. A,

    Many thanks for your comment, I appreciate that you related and it is nice to know that when you read such it can take you back to your own experiences.

    Good to hear from you! Kat

  3. omg kat, i got to imagine how that must have felt for him, from the initial fear through to the pleasure of pleasing you, the control you had, choking and gagging yes but in the safety of your hands as you held his head and guided him, i can but imagine..... Beautiful writing :-) TA xx

  4. I love this post sooo much its scary


  5. Now then din, is it that the post is scary which is why you like it, or the fact that you like what it is about so much which makes it scary?


    You can imagine yourself there I am guessing?!

    Kat x

  6. You make the idea of sucking a man's cock (something I have never done) so hot. Because it is for you his Mistress that he does it! Not because it is a cock.