11 November 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, not to me, but to my blog!

Cannot believe that it is a year ago that I started writing this blog.

It isn't my first and it isn't my only.

But it is my first and only written from the perspective that this one is ~ written in relation to my Dominant and sadistic needs and desires and the thoughts, feelings and experiences along the way.

It is the only one that explores in relation to my own needs and desires of a Female Led Relationship, something that over time I have found has become my natural place to be within.

I wish that I actually had more time to blog, more to blog about, I've got so many blogs "underway" and then don't get around to finishing.  My intentions this month of being a part of NaNaWriMo have certainly gone out of the window due to writers block! I mean, I can't even write the things that I want to, let alone find 50,000 words for a novel in 30 days LOL

I actually started this blog around the time that my paths crossed with "the boy" having taken some time out from "blogging" and things in general.  As those who have read will know, things didn't go as hoped for in that way, but it certainly gave me renewed hope that there are people who do genuinely want to live within an FLR and that I am not flogging a dead horse so to speak.

It isn't for everyone of course.  But I know it is for me.  I know that it is the right thing for me and any future relationship.  The past year has made me realise that even more.  

So while I currently write from my own perspective, my thoughts and feelings, needs and wants but not currently within the type of dynamic or relationship that I want, need or seek.  I do so, because I choose to.  Because this is my outlet and I still write of "reflections", of past experiences and then throw the odd "creative writing" and fiction in for good measure too.

We can never know what the time will bring us.  None of us know what the next year will bring, just as no-one could have predicted what would have happened during this past year.  Things may not always go as we would hope, things do not always work out. 

That's life.

But, I know that I am on the right path.  And I hope that in the coming weeks, months or even the years, that my paths will cross with someone who wants and needs the same type of relationship that I do.  They are out there I know, although reading the blogs that I do, it all seems that they are involved in marriages where they cannot even get their female partner to dominate them, to have that FLR or WLM.  

So maybe that is where they all are . . .but maybe, just maybe, lets hope not!

Anyway, a year on, thank you to those who comment, who read and those who "lurk".

It is nice to have you on board :)

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  1. Hi - just discovered your blog, and it's really fucking much good writing here. I wanted to send you something I wrote a while ago, which I think you might enjoy, but you don't have any contact details on here. If you would like to correspond, check out my blog and contact me through that...