28 March 2011

Frisky . . .and pass out!


Not feeling frisky and then passing out.  Although based on some of the past entries of my blog anyone could be forgiven for thinking along those lines . . .but no. I am not referring to that at all.

I am referring to a charity concert that my mini man (my son) and I went to last night to see Tinie Tempah and Jessie J.  His type of music, my knowledge of it really only being due to the amount of times TT particularly is played in  the car on the cd player, although I have to say, I do like TT and a lot of his music and it's great music to drive to!

But, I have to say, what an absolutely fantastic concert this was . . .and I mean FANTASTIC! 

Jessie J, really surprised me with how well she can actually sing, and as to Tinie Tempah, well he was just fab! 

We had a great seat, a great view, although if you are reading this and are one of the two very miserable women sat in the row behind us who didn't get up out of their seat once, who hardly moved at all, I am making absolutely NO apology for us having a good time and standing up either.  And, if you think "tutting" because someone is having a good time and it is going to make them stop, you really have a lot to learn. 

If you really want to go to a concert where you simply sit and do nothing, go and see some orchestra play Handel's Water music or something . . . bearing in mind where the concert was, perhaps that is what they were turning up expecting to see!!! But for christ's sake, don't be so bloody miserable!

Anyway, I don't understand people who go to such events and sit there as if they are watching paint dry.  If it's not your thing . ..WHY GO?  If you are just going to sit there like wet lemons, don't then try and spoil it for those around you who are having a good time . . .

But, there was something about last nights concert which really makes you think. 

Jessie J certainly wears some rather appealing items, and last night she was in a rather tight fitting semi corset, with the most fabulous shoes (but rather scarey patterned tights!) 

She does tend to go for some rather fab outfits . . .and she just has the most fabulous legs for some long length leather boots, just like in the pic to the left.

Anyway, she surprised me with how well she performed, even stopping a song when she thought it was slightly out of tune.  She is definitely someone I would go and see again if I had the chance.  Am already making plans to get tickets for the Tinie Tempah tour later this year to take mini man again too . . .

Anyway, the concert that we attended in London last night was in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, raising money to build specialised units within hospitals for those teenagers and young adults who are battling cancer and to enable them to still be teenagers. 

Before Tinie Tempah took to the stage and had the whole place pumping, we watched a film about a 21 year old girl called Kayleigh.  A 21 year old battling a brain tumour which had taken over 1/4 of her brain.  She got married in February, but then came onto the stage to say how important the work of the trust had been.  It is one of those situations that makes you think, REALLY think.  To be thankful for all that we have in life.

It was also something that really hit home with me too, it is approaching the anniversary of the death of my mum, who passed away 2 years ago in April from lung cancer.  It is something that touches but also devastates the lives of many.  But this girl, said that she had a picture by her bathroom mirror which said live your life as if each day was your last because you never know what is around the corner.

It is often hard to understand how those facing so much in their own lives, in such trying and difficult circumstances can be so positive and inspirational.  There were many people shedding a tear for this girl and the others in the film, the things that are faced by those young and old.  It goes to show that no-one is exempt from such an awful disease.

She came onto the stage with her dad, and you could see how incredibly proud he was of his daughter, you could quite clearly see the unconditional love and support that they giave to each other.  As a parent I cannot imagine how it would feel if my mini man were to face such things, if we were to face such things (although we did face such a scare when he was younger and it was the hardest 9 weeks of our lives!) but I am so blessed to have such a wonderful son in my life and for that I am and will be forever thankful.  If nothing else, I know that I am lucky and blessed to know what it is like to be a mother.  My mini man, has really taught me the meaning of what real love truly is.

Just things such as this, really put life into perspective, of how the things that we often face aren't such a challenge at all, the things that we may complain about, aren't really worth complaining about. 

But they also make you take stock of the things that you do have, but also those things that are missing. Although, for those who have suffered a loss of a close friend or loved one, you know that it doesn't take things such as this to bring them to mind ~ for me it never does.

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