20 March 2011

Long after . . .

I sit on the edge of the bed, you are knelt between my legs, looking up and just seeing you there and the longing in the depths of your eyes draw me to you like a magnet. 

And that look, that longing, makes me melt, it makes me long to touch you, feel you, kiss you, want you.  It makes me want to move closer to you, to draw you in, to reach in to your depths and bring that longing out.

Your eyes attract me, pull me, talk to me. 

And I want to touch you, here, there, everywhere. 

And my eyes wander over the curves of your face, your chin, your mouth.  And my mouth follows that same path.

And we're kissing.

And our lips are touching, my tongue forcing them apart and I pull away and look into your eyes.

I can't help but smile.

My lips hold your lips, my mouth holds your mouth, my eyes hold your eyes, for moments long after we have pulled away.


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