18 March 2011

Beginning of the end . . .

I've sat here many times these past few days, wondering what to write.

So many blogs started with a thought that has come to mind, but not the time to sit and give them the thought that I want to give them. 

I will get to them when my mind is less occupied with all that it is occupied with right now. 

There have been many things that I could ramble on about.  There are many things that at times I want to say, people I want to say them to. Some things however, should always be private. The important things, should always be private. 

But then, sometimes what is the point?

You know the saying . . ."The beginning of the end", it is a saying that will always come true. 

In the time that we meet, the journey that we make, that when it begins, it is the beginning of the end.  At times, I guess it could always make you question whether starting the beginning is ever worth it.  But, if you don't, you could miss out on so much, and that ending could be so far away.  There is nothing to say that it could be very far away, but that's the risk that we take.  If we don't take the risk then the journey that we take anyway could be so empty from how it could be.

Even though I am a realist, even though I may look further than this minute . . .this moment . . this day . . .I don't automatically think of the end, even at the beginning.  If we always looked to the end, I don't think we would ever start.

Part of us may know that one day it may come to an end, it could be now, it could be next week, it could be many years from now.  This is something that we never truly know.  But we find, we begin, we travel together . . .or at least we would or could . . . if only people were willing to take that risk, to start the beginning, even if it is the beginning of the end.

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