08 March 2011

Hurting you awake

I woke first, but with violence on my mind. 

You are sleeping next to me and I cannot tell if you are dreaming or if you're mind is empty of thought.  You look so peaceful at that moment, you're lips relaxed and I want to kiss you awake, bite you awake, sucking them in. Sucking you in. Drawing you in. 

But I lie there watching you, wanting you, wanting to devour you.

I am restless now. 

And I feel like a caged animal waiting to be fed. And the beast is stirring within. And I am waiting for you to waken. And I am waiting to be able to look into your eyes and to force my mouth down upon yours. And I know that I can do so at any time, but I love watching you sleep, and your vulnerability gets to me everytime.  And it's been so long since we've woken next to each other, so long since we have spent this time together and it makes me want you all the more.

And I want to hurt you. Now. In that moment while you are asleep.  And I want to take you and use you. And I want to hurt you and fuck you. And I want you to beg me to hurt you. And the thought of hurting you makes me so fucking wet and I am breathing heavily and the longing in the pit of my stomach feelings growls.

And the images of hurting you runs through my mind, the things that I want to do to you. Pinching your nipples, twisting them until you cry out with pain, my hand reaching into your hair forcing your head, making you do things, lick things, taste things.  And I want to sit astride you, forcing myself down onto you as you like there, moving up so my cunt is over your face, and I want to move myself over you. Marking you, feeling you, knowing you are there, and make you lick even more.

And I want to slap your face and watch as your eyes roll around with disorientation and alarm, knowing that you float away, but I bring you back, my hand gripped around your jaw as I bring you towards me and kiss you hard. And I bite on your lips, sucking them into my mouth, biting harder as I feel you wince and try to pull away.  And I want to watch you lick your lips in the way that you do when I've kissed you, and I can see that you're tasting the blood that my biting has drawn.

And I twist on your nipples as I hear you gasp, twisting them harder, digging in the tips of my nails and the longing in the pit of my stomach grows even more as I hear you gasp in the pain that you're feeling.  And I want to hurt you so badly, so much, and I want you to moan with pain and beg me to hurt you. And I know that you would do it for me.   And you did, only a few hours before.

And so I lie there watching you sleep. And I love having you next to me. Knowing that I can touch you, kiss you, hold you or hurt you whenever I want to. 

And as you begin to stir, I begin to kiss you awake. 

And as you stretch out lethargically, languidly and open your mouth to yawn, I move in to cover your mouth with mine stopping you from taking the breath.

The hurting begins.


  1. Extraordinarily poetic and romantic

  2. mmm... delicious!

    I wouldn't mind to change my alarm clock! Even if this one doesn't sound when I ask it to... even if this one may sound for much longer than I need or I might desire...