18 April 2011

Beautiful pain

You call to me in the dead of night and in the silence of the darkness I hear you. And although you make no sound, I hear everything.

The screaming in your voice resonates in my head.  

The expression in the depth of your eyes portrays your longing and desire. 

The voice that beckons me closer, it begs endlessly for the beast, it begs to see it, to feel it, it begs to be at its mercy, and yet to be shown no mercy.  It begs to be smothered in its torment as you are engulfed within its rage. 

And the screams are torn from your body. They are taken from your depths, the desire and lust shining from the darkness in your eyes. And I take without thought, take without feeling, unleashing the beast with an abandonment and selfishness that leaves no doubt. Leaves you in no doubt.

And you bare the marks of the beast, bewitched and captivated by its power and strength. And as blood begins to seep from the fresh wounds upon your skin, the marks of my love and your submission beautify your naked body. The marks of old moments and memories being felt with all that is created anew.

You are torn and ravished. And you feel the pain and your face expresses the pain, and it is beautiful.

And you are visited by the beast that visits time and time again, and so often with the same result, so often devoid of emotions. But filled with the deepest of feeling, beautiful pain inflicted with cherished love and desire.

And it is a beautiful pain that comes, a beautiful pain that releases from every pore, felt with every breath, a beautiful pain which without you, is nothing.


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  1. Love the blog TopKat.