26 April 2011

Caged and . . .

"I want to fuck you"  I had whispered into his ear. 

The look of surprise on his face at my bluntness was clear to see, we had been flirting outrageously for the previous hour or so, occasionally touching each other in more than a friendly way.

At first he had seemed unsure, surprised even at the way we interacted, but then, this wasn't a situation everyone finds themselves in every day.

I stared into his eyes trying to gauge his reaction further.  Leaning forward kissing him deeply, biting on his lip before I pulled away. 

He groaned. 

You moaned. 

I kissed him again reaching down between his legs my fingers finding an already hardening cock.  And I could tell just from the brief glance I threw your way over his shoulder that you were aroused too.

You had been sat there watching me, watching him.  Watching us talk, interact, watching us as we paid no attention to you.  If you made a quiet sound trying to draw my gaze to yours we had still taken no notice.  

You heard us kiss when you had gone to the kitchen to fix us drinks and when you came back in, you'd been sent back to your place, finding us closer together.

You had watched me touch him. Watched him touch me.  You had watched him reach into my blouse and make my nipples hard.  Watching him remove the blouse and bra I had been wearing and then sucking and biting my nipples hard enough to bring me to orgasm.

"stand up and take off your trousers" I had whispered to him as I looked over his shoulder to where you were.  "I want you to fuck me, I want to be fucked in a way that he cannot fuck me" as I smiled at him, and at you.

I knew how you were feeling, I knew what you were thinking, just as you knew what I had planned and what I was going to do.  You knew that when I told him I was going to fuck him, that was exactly what would happen, maybe not yet, but it would. Only time would tell. And more so, you knew that I was going to fuck him right there, before you.

I knew how much you wanted to watch, wanted to see me with another man, watching me give pleasure to and receive it from another.

 He did as asked, standing before me.

Looking over his shoulder to where you were sat. I grinned at you, your eyes looked up towards me, and already a glazed look had clouded over them.  I could sense your arousal as well as his, but your humiliation at being there, at being ignored, at your being mine but at that moment, my being with him.

Between his slightly open legs I could see you trying to manouevre into a different position so you could see what I was doing to him, what I was going to do to him.  Except you couldn't move far, caged in the corner like a naughty puppy, you couldn't move any more than the bars and your confines would allow.  I knew you would be desperate to see me, desperate to see him.

I stood up, walked towards where you were.

And not for one moment taking my gaze away from your eyes, I picked up the blanket that was on the sofa and tossed it over the top of the cage. Plunging you into a semi darkness, plunging you into a place of not being able to see anything apart from shadows through the material, but being able to hear anything that may be said, any noise that may be heard. 

I heard your sigh.

I heard you mumble quietly under your breath, sensing your frustration before I turned and walked away. I laughed.

He was still stood where I had left him.

I walked up behind him and ran the tips of my fingernails down his back, he shivered in response, his mouth releasing a moan of arousal which I know that you would have heard too. 

Now you wouldn't know what I was doing with him, what he was doing to me, only what your imagination created or what you could grasp from the noises, from the moans and groans that escsaped our mouths for the next couple of hours while I fucked him, while he fucked me. While he bought me to orgasm after orgasm with his fingers, his mouth, his fist.

Every noise, every moan of arousal, everything that we did happening just in front of you, but your only being able to hear and not see. 

What an incredibly deeply arousing and powerful feeling, knowing that I was having and giving such pleasure right in front of you and yet you couldn't see a thing.  I loved the fact that you couldn't see it, knowing how much you longed to.  I knew this would frustrate you even more, that it would humiliate you. But knew just what and how this would make you feel too.

He left.

You were still there. Caged. Aroused. Frustrated. Humilated.

Now I wanted you.

I removed the blanket from the top of the cage, your eyes blinked quickly adjusting to the light, your cock hard, your eyes still glazed.  I pushed myself against the cage allowing you to see my wetness.

"lick me" I whispered and immediately I felt the warmth of your tongue reaching into the depths of my wetness and my arse through the cage, and while you licked.  I sat there, feeling aroused all over again, knowing that you were tasting me, tasting him and licking me where he had been only minutes before. 

With that thought I came again, my juices squirting over your face.

And before you had chance to realise what was happening I allowed myself to piss all over you, the warmth of the liquid hitting the back of your throat and making you choke from the unexpected gushing of liquid.

Your humiliation complete.  Letting you know what you are, who you are.

You were marked as mine.



  1. Outstanding! Thanks for giving me so many new ideas :)


  2. Another great piece of writing with a very erotic ending that for me signifies the submissives true loyalty....orton

  3. What a compelling story and what a fortunate man, to be allowed to give his lady pleasure thrice over, through humiliation, through submission and through service