I am loving the poetic words of Tyler Knott Gregson, his Haiku, his poetry.
 But this one, The Ghost you require is just so very apt right now.  When you see words that just say everything better than you could ever do . . .this is the case with this one.

I know that someone will read this and know that this is about them, 
~ this says it better than I could right now~

The Ghost You Require

The silence you need
and me with a mouth,
a mouth full of words.
The absence
the stunning absence
you wrap yourself in
steals the shadow
that follows me.
I can not be
for you,
the ghost you require.

I can not swallow the words
filling my mouth
I can not fade
into the silence
of absence.
You need a ghost
I can not become.

The ghost you require
and the quiet inside.
The words never spoken
and the frozen sleep
of a night spent alone.

I can not be
for you,
the ghost you require.

Tyler Knott Gregson