27 April 2011

New York! New York!

Not that I am counting but in 29 days, the mini man and I will be in New York!  In fact, this time next month we will have arrived and be spending our first afternoon there.

Our first time visit to the city, but 2nd time to the US. 

We will be spending 5 nights in New York before flying down to Orlando and spending 10 nights in a wonderful villa with a large pool, jacuzzi and spa (I treated us to a rather nice upgrade!)

But feeling incredibly excited about visiting NYC, we have tickets to the Yankees game against Toronto Blue Jays at the Yankee Stadium, tickets to go up to the crown at Statue of Liberty, and also heading to see a show on Broadway, although heavily debating about which one it actually is going to be.

It's certainly going to be a busy 5 days in the city, am looking forward to wandering around Central Park, of venturing to the Top of the Rock, and when we are there it is also Fleet Week . . .hmmmm all those Sailors in uniform will I am sure, be rather pleasing to the eye as well as the sights that we will see.

Mini man is looking forward to dancing along the piano in FAO schwarz having seen it in the film Big as well as going on the Big Wheel inside Toys R Us in Times Square.

We have plans to do so many things, but know that we just won't get chance to fit it all in so am sure this will be the first trip of many to NYC at least.  Try to fit in some shopping . . .a girl can never have too many shoes or boots! 

It is our second trip to Orlando, and once again we will be visiting the House of the Mouse amongst many other things. 

So, the real countdown begins (although it started at over 200 days ago), and this time next month, we will have arrived in New York and venturing into a city which we are just so excited to see.

New York, here we come!



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  1. I'm jealous. I grew up in NY, but it's a long time since I went up just to enjoy the city. It's always for a special event.

    I lust for some real NYC pizza: cheesy, floppy, with a thin, blackened undercrust and a puffy, bubbly edge. And the theatre... damn. I'm jealous!

    Have a great time. And drink an egg cream for me!