02 April 2011

The joys (or the pain) of Urtica . . .

Urtica diocia ~ or for those who do not have a clue what these are . . .nettles . . .or more so stinging nettles. 

For those who still do not have any idea what these are, here is the info about them HERE but in short, the plant has many hollow stinging hairs called trichomes on its leaves and stems, which act like needles that inject histamine and additional chemicals which produce a stinging sensation when they make contact with humans or other animals.

Or, delightful stinging little buggers . . .

Now with that thought in mind, you can see how they are appealing to someone sadistic like me, and with the thought and knowledge that the sensations caused by such can continue long way after they have been used, an enduring reminder of the treatment inflicted, you can see even more why they are appealing.

And as you walk around out and about, you can see the crop that is currently growing, and what a good year it seems to be for the nettle this year.  A bumper crop. All those "needles" growing . . .and most people just think that they are a useless weed; that they have no use . . .people really should be more creative, imaginative, adventurous!

Oh the joys of "urtica play" or should that be for the receiver the pain of "urtica play" . . .and at this time of year, when they have only just started to grow and before reaching too great a height is when they are at the best, when the sting is at its most potent, at its most strength, causing its most pain and discomfort. 

What a delight the urtica is in the fulfilling of such sadistic needs, of using to inflict and cause pain, it is so nice to go back to nature, to use something that grows so freely around us and there's so much that can be done with these wonderful little stingers . . .all it needs is a little inspiration . . . a little imagination (and even better if that inspiration, imagination and inventiveness is backed with sadistic thoughts!) . . .and a willing (or even not so willing) subject to use them upon. 

CBT ~ nettles carefully placed under a pulled back foreskin, a crushed nettle placed into the eye of a cock, wrapping them around the cock and balls and securing into place . . .and of course not forgetting to sit back and watch; after all, it's wonderful to see reactions from such *evil grin*

A nettle whipping, placing them under knee while said subject worships , strategically placing inside clothes and underwear (always good while out walking or shopping!), placed into the foot of stockings, clamping them in place onto nipples, using them in a spanking (while wearing leather gloves to hold them of course, after all, I don't want the effects on my own hands!).  Placing them between bum cheeks, placing them into a bag and securing over cock and balls for the duration of the "sting".

Oh the list of how they can be used really is endless. 

The more stings, the more pain, the more hives, the better.

Or at least, I think so. 

How nice to use them, to hear someone begging for them to be removed, except, begging rarely works with me. 

It makes the sadistic beast grow even stronger, it makes me want to hurt all the more, to make the suffering prolonged, extended, intensified.  And the protracted suffering and reminders caused by nettles really help to satisfy the growling beast within. 

Of course there are the important issues of after care having used them, something that should always be planned for as well as the fact that for some people they can cause allergic reactions, but for those they are safe to use on, they can bring erotic feelings, they can bring pain, they can bring an endorpin release. 

And for me, I like them.

As someone once said to me when I told them about how wonderful nettles can be they said "ouch, that sounds as if it will hurt" . . .well yes. 

But isn't that the point!?



  1. Hi Top Kat,

    Many years ago I had a Dominant lover who got into nettle. I remember a scene at a party after treating various parts of my body with the kiss that stings so sweet she inserted a stem inside my urethra about half an inch and squeezed down. Like I said, I still remember.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  2. Hello Scott,

    Thank you for taking the time to both read and respond here on my blog, it is appreciated! I am sure that you do remember!

    I love nettles!

    Kind regards,


  3. My Mistress used them on three occasions, the last one i could feel the stings for a week, my soft cock was about twice its normal size for about two days, the skin started flaking of a little (the nettles or too much wanking!?)had them on my bum aswell, it keeps the time they were used fresh in your mind for hours!!I hate them (or so i tell mistress!)
    Great site , oneday we will meet for coffee