25 July 2011

My response I ~ "apply"

Welcome to "My response" ~ my responses to contact, whether it be emails, via profiles on IC, CM, FL or others, or via my blog.

Dear how_do_i_apply

You don't! 

Surely you can clearly see from the effort I have put into my profile, of the things I have taken the time to describe and explain of what I would seek and of who I may or may not be compatible with.  And surely, because you have taken the time to carefully read the profile, you would then be able to see that it is far from a case of "applying".

Does my profile suggest that I have a "vacant position" that I am looking to fill? There isn't a "position". 

There is no application.

There is no interview.

There is nothing to apply for. 

Such to me is cold, heartless and empty. Void of anything personal.  We are talking about something which is a potential relationship, something which shares deep commitment, attachment and emotion. Something deeply personal.   Would you upon meeting someone out and about in the bar then turn round and ask them "how do you apply?".  I would hope not. So this is no different!  Although if this is how you do approach things, I can see why you are still searching!

I do not approach an FLR with such thoughts, such coldness or such emptiness.  My initial contact or even contact further down the line will not involve applications or interviews like some formal business arrangement. It starts with getting to know someone, my getting to know you and vice versa.  Just as it would in any other type of environment or any type of relationship.  It starts with someone opening themselves up, as we delve into their depths, and the more we get to know, the more we interact, a submissiveness reacting to my dominance and vice versa again. It develops with both wanting more, a building of interest, desire, hunger.

It builds to much more than that, it becomes so much more than that. It IS so much more than that!!!

So, do how_do_i_apply.  There is nothing to apply for.

Good luck!

(you may need it)

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  1. I love the list of descriptive words in your profile. We are so, so similar. I wonder why so many dominant women deny (to themselves?) that they are sadists? There seems to be a commonly held view that you cannot be caring and nurturing and be a dominant, cruel sadist. Life is too short to be limited by narrow social conventions of morality! Good luck in your searching.