07 July 2011

What is this . . .

what is this thing inside me that yearns, burns when i am near you
what is this thing that shakes me up and calms me down and makes me smile, laugh, cry,
die a little bit inside when you’re away
what makes YOU so special that you get to crawl around inside me,
touch me in places i’ve never been touched before
intimate places, deep, dark and secret places
places pale from lack of light of day
who gave you the right to steal my thoughts at any moment you so desire
to make me smile unexpectedly at a remembered word, an unexpected kindness
why do you get to be the one to scale my wall, peek over,
smiling wickedly at what you find inside,
even my darkness, that hidden ugly, i expect you to judge
why don’t you
where’s that tail tucking, bucking, i expected as my due
why do you have to be so original
so fucking unstereotypical
so lyrical
so beautifully damaged and patched back together,
scarred and maimed
exquisite in your pain
yet still able to love
what makes you
and how did i so quickly succumb to your throbbing beat


*I* love this!

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