20 July 2011

You closed the door . . .

So why do you think that it is ok to re-open it when it was your choice to walk out of it in the first place?  What makes you think that?

I wrote a short time ago "live with the door wide open"  about being open to whatever the future may bring, the things it may hold, of allowing that door to be open . . .but I also wrote about how sometimes the doors once they have been shut, should never be re-opened. 

I wonder what makes people think that they should re-open them instead . . .they made the choice of what to do. . . what has changed since then for it to be any different?

So what gives you the right to think that out of the blue, without a by your leave that you come barging right in . . . into a place where they chose not to be .. .where they chose to walk away from. 

Realised what is missing? Realised the what if's or what could have beens? The reality is, nothing has changed.  Not from my part.  THe choice was made, you did what you wanted, so don't come back with "I wish this . . ." or "I wish that . . ."

I really do wonder at times. 

It seems that people can think that they can pick and choose what they do and when they do it, they give absolutely NO thought to the other person, only to their own selfish needs.  

It's like putting something on a shelf, leaving it there gathering dust and then every so often trying to take it down again for a look, just to see, "just in case"

Well don't. 

You had a chance.  You had more than a chance.  You chose to walk away from it.  

And if you read this . . .if you think that this could apply to you . . .then yes, for once . . .it probably does.  The door closed behind you on your way out. It isn't going to re-open.


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