10 July 2011

One and the same.

The tremble in your chest, your eyes watering, your body shivering under touch, your cock hard and throbbing, every inch of your body receptive to touch. 

You lie there in a place where your mind, your heart, your body, your cock are all intertwined with someone and within yourself, each part feeling and expressing the love, the longings, the cravings and the desires of the other.   Your body betraying your mind, your eyes betraying your heart.

You lie there, eyes closed, breathing deep and shallow, whispering I enter into your mind with questions and words, teasing, humiliating, hurting with names that are whispered intensely and fiercely into your ear. 

The words probe you, infiltrating and penetrating, a hand finding its way around the back of your head, finding its way into a strong hold upon your hair.
I lean forward, my mouth only millimetres away from your own, teasing you with the tip of my tongue I seize your lower lip with my teeth as the grip upon your hair tightens and forces your mouth towards mine. 

I kiss you softly, watching your eyes respond, watching the resistance fade away.

One look, one word, one suggestion, one touch, makes you hard, gives you butterflies, makes you weak at the knees.

The resistance has faded, leaving surrender and trust, the love from your cock is one and the same as the love from your heart.  The feelings from your mind are one and the same from your body. 

All intertwined, all as one. 

None of it is yours anymore. 

But that's just how it should be.


  1. It is how it should be. I wish it was how it was! Such beautiful writing.


  2. Any resistance has totally gone, all that remains is the constant throbbing, your words are heavenly as always, and yes it is just as it should be! xxxxx