15 July 2011

Sweet moments

She sits there and watches him, taking a moment to catch her breath before leaning in to kiss him.  Tasting herself on him, watching him as he closes his eyes, gently parting his lips as he moves to accept the kiss that she is awarding to him.

It is soft, tender and gentle and she holds him there for a moment, locked in a kiss and in a moment of gentle intimacy. 

Communicating to him her feelings through the softhearted warmth that she feels toward him, a heartwarming moment of sweetness and tenderness, of love and of affection. 

She is still taking a moment to catch the breath that he has stolen from her, still tasting herself upon his lips.  Her heartbeat slowly returning to its natural rhythm, her body calming after the intensity of the orgasms he has brought to her by his mouth.

She gently traces around the outside of his face, she catches a moan trying to abscond from his mouth. His cock is still hard as she holds him within that moment of closeness.  She moves her hand to his head, gently stroking through his hair as she brings his head towards her shoulder and naked breast, he sighs deeply at each gentle stroke of her hand.  She kisses him softly, tenderly, the lightest of touches as her lips make contact with him.

She continues to stroke him, pet him even.  She wants to whisper in his ear thank you's and words of tenderness and love, a want to susurrate all that she feels; of how he makes her heart melt; of how she loves the feel of him next to her, close to her, deep within her. 

She wants to speak gently into his mind, except she does none of those things right now, but continues to pet him gently, kissing him with sweet tender kisses while she catches her breath.

And as she smiles at him, a smile to say all of this and more.

She still remains silent. 

But he smiles back. Because he knows.


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