11 July 2011


I don't normally comment on the comments that people have left in response to the previous blog entries that I have written, not unless it is a point for discussion, a question that I think is best to answer in a blog or just because I want to . . .but, its not a common occurrence it has to be said.

Anyway, Her toy commented on an entry I wrote on Friday Talking . . .(while fucking) needless to say, it is rather an "erotic" based post (the title kind of gives that away in itself lol) but on reading the post Her toy commented with the following . . .

So, i think this might be entirely selfish of me to say, but You may want to consider a NSFC (Not Safe For Chastity) warning for some of Your posts. Or maybe not. :)"

Cuckold H from Lady Beautiful's Journey commented in response . . .

P.S NSFC (Not Safe for Chastity) is a good idea but really we know what blogs we read and what they contain.

And this is very true!

We do all know what type of blogs we are reading, we also know what the content is likely to be, so in that way, everyone is responsible for their own choices about what they read. 

So, why do I not use or intend to use any such warnings?

It's my blog. 

I choose to do what I do, choose to write how I write, and that is within my control and in the ways I want to, not because someone has told me to do. (See, I'd never make a good sub beyond bottoming lol)

And yes, even in blogland it comes to "control". After all, for me, it is all about control.

But here, I am in control of what I write, what I choose to write and what I don't.  I have the freedom to write what I want, how I want and to not have any limitations imposed on that (within reason of course lol)  But, I guess the main reason I do not include any warnings, particularly the "Not safe for chastity" is because, I'm a sadist.

If you read my blog and are in chastity and it makes you suffer. Good.

If you are within chastity as part of your own dynamic and end up suffering or struggling even more.  Good.

I'm a sadist. 

I like people suffering. I like the fact that people suffer and struggle.  I don't do sympathy (or very rarely!) and I enjoy the struggles and difficulties that one may face while in chastity. 

So, why would I want to warn them away?

Why would I want to make their life easier?

Hmmmmm . . .I wouldn't.

Sorry . . .what was that you muttered under your breath?  Something about Bitch?  


Yes I can be. 

Yes I am.  But then, that’s part of who I am.

So, no warnings, no NSFC at the top of my posts. Read at your peril and battle with your struggles . . .oh, and have a little self control *wink*



  1. Hi Top_Kat,

    i hope that You didn't take offense to my comment...i really meant it in jest as a way of saying "Heh, wow, You write really well and i'm super-frustrated right now." i'm definitely not suggesting that i think You should "censor" Yourself or anything like that. i apologize if i came across that way.

    Of course, being rather masochistic, i think i tend to sabotage myself for fun at times. So You have my thanks for fueling such pursuits. :)

    -Her toy

  2. Her toy ~ absolutely NO offence taken at your comment, I knew it was said in jest which my post is above too.

    Would I censor if someone suggested it? hmmm now let me think about that one LOL

    And I think most will sabotage themselves at times . . .

    Regards, Kat