16 January 2012


intrigued me.

He still does.

It is quite rare, that someone touches the part of me that leads to a desire to dominate another.  Although naturally dominant, it doesn't automatically mean that I have a want or a desire within me to dominate everyone.  In reality, that desire is touched so infrequently, so rarely, that when it is touched, when it is aroused, it is quite exceptional.

It is even more unusual that someone not only touches that part of me, but also unleashes the sadistic need too, that makes me want to hurt them just as much as control them or feel for them.

But he affects that part of me, it is as if he reaches inside, caressing it, stimulating it, unleashing that innermost desire that lies within. And in turn, he unleashes the beast that paces back and forth waiting to be set free.

He arouses that part of my need, inspiring it, stirring it awake, something not many often do.  My inner self, reciprocates to the wonderful depths of his own submissiveness that to me, flows gently, willingly and unhindered out of his every pore.

He is open and honest, genuine and simple.  He is straightforward, emotionally open and rather sweet. And yet I know that there is so much more that lies within, that exists within the dark.

He makes me smile. He makes me laugh.

Talking freely about so many things, the weather, the day, and the darkest desires of the night.  He opens his mind and shares it with me.  His heart is opening in the same way, without extortion or coersion. He shares his words, his thoughts and his feelings. His weaknesses, his worries and his fears.  He shares his spirit with a gentle intelligence.

He blushes when I ask him things, yet not shying away from things for which he has been judged. His eyes slowly falling away; shyness, and humilation a powerful combination.  

He is like a pet.  He purrs like a cat, deep sighs of contentment as I touch his hair, his face, or deep inside. 

He simply smiles when I call him by the name I have given him, his eyes saying so much more than his lips are able to at times.

I've named him Moog.

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  1. Kat,
    The person you describe sounds like a genuine man. He's open, honest, sincere, straightforward. He sounds secure in himself and with you. Isn't this how all men should be. All you describe and yet knowing their place with a woman - always putting her first. Enjoyed your post. Enjoy your day