01 January 2012

Not so happy new year . . .

I often wonder if people stop and think at times when they wish people a "Happy New Year".

For some of us, there are things being faced which means that it isn't going to be.  That there are things which are happening which mean that the year isn't starting "happily" and that there are things that will be faced which will be far from.

I am certainly glad that the first day of the year is almost over. It is already one I really want to forget. It is already one which has bought sadness and pain, heartbreak and a hope for different things.

A new year doesn't always mean a good one.

A new year doesn't always bring the best of news, the best of happiness.

Sometimes the old year moving into a new one doesn't mean anything different. That just because that clock strikes midnight, that we change from a 2011 to a 2012 does it mean that everything is miraculously going to be wonderful.

It isn't.

While I certainly hope that the new year brings peace, health, happiness to everyone I know. I know that there will be things in these coming days which will bring anything but.  Still, if the shit is happening here, at least it's hopefully leaving some poor other bugger alone.

Christmas isn't always the happy time that people talk or think of.  You hear people say "Don't say things like that, it's Christmas!", but, for some people it is an incredibly difficult, often painful time of year. For some it is a time of year that is hoped it passes quickly and silently.  Going from one year into the next is often the same.

So, just because it is a new year, it doesn't mean it is going to be a good one.  It hasn't started as a good one.

But that is life.

Not saying that a good year wouldn't be welcome.

I just know that there are things which will make this forthcoming one, incredibly difficult, and certainly not good or happy, I had hoped it wouldn't be so early as the first day of the year.

There will be things of course that will be good, that will be happy, things that will fill those voids with happiness . . .there is always the open door to whatever life may bring . . .time will tell.


  1. I am sorry, dear Kat, that you know that you will be facing difficult times during this year. I do hope however that there will be good times for you and some positives, particularly in your desire and search for that elusive FLR.

    It is a shame that we are separated by such a distance, I would be there in a shot ha ha!

    Regards as always, A,

  2. Really love your thoughts and ideas. Your truth and honesty in your writing scream out loud.

    You have a way of see things and writing them down. We all have these things and thoughts and some even say them out load. But most of us blindly just take these all for granted and never think about them again. You personal griefs you’re working through make you the person we love.

    It so true for thirteen Christmas’s it was my personnel hell, which I won`t go into. But why LB never left me speaks volumes to me. Whatever you are going through our hearts are with you.

    But as an Artist I understand our dark areas bring light to others. So I put my thoughts and feeling on different media. I do understand the work that goes into your writing and you have two fan`s in this household.

    CH and LB

  3. The above certainly rings true for me but i just try to remember that today is the first day of the rest of my life and the possibilities are endless..