04 January 2012


Oscar Wilde obviously had a thing about temptation!

not only for the above quote which featured in "The Picture of Dorian Gray" but in Lady Windermere's Fan with "I can resist anything except temptation".

And this leads me to wondering . . .if that is what you are . . .a temptation.

I wonder if that is what I should be doing . . .yielding to the temptation. Or should I be resisting it.  Or, do I actually want to resist.

Or, am I tempted just because . . .just because I am tempted.

I cannot explain right now whether this is a temptation I want to yield to. Whether it is something that should remain a temptation.

Or maybe I should heed the words of Steve Maraboli in Life, The Truth and being Free, where he writes “Temptation is the feeling we get when encountered by an opportunity to do what we innately know we shouldn't.”

And this is true.  because I know that I shouldn't be tempted. And yet for some reason which I cannot explain right now, I know that I am.

Tempted that is.


  1. I thought I'd share another quote by Wilde . . .

    "Do you really think it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations which it requires strength, strength and courage to yield to."

    Oscar Wilde

  2. Michael,

    Thank you! I quite agree with this, that giving in to temptation isn't a weakness.

    Regards Kat