05 January 2012

Pain in the office. . . .

 I've only been back at work two days since the Christmas break which thankfully gives me all the time off from the day before Christmas Eve to when the schools return, which was for us, yesterday. 

But by god, it can be such a place of frustration.

One guy who every year comes out with his "vision" for the companies for the next year, who just has no concept of the financial situations and limitations which are going to be even harder this year than last.

One guy who just has an innate need to creep and brown-nose, and who seriously, gets right up mine! He never ceases not even when it doesn't get him anywhere.

There are bonuses of being the boss at work, for me I couldn't have it any other way, (it's a control thing lol) but at times it would be so much easier if we could kick some ass, whip them into shape, quite literally. Life would just be . . .so much easier!

But today, with frustration at an all time high, while I was sorting through the paperwork piled up on the desk from my Christmas Break all held together with clips, "the beast" was unleashed.

An increasing desire to hurt, to inflict the pain, to find the release that doing such brings . . .a shame it couldn't be that way in the work place.  Because I could seriously have put those clips to very good work today!!!


  1. i would certainly be more enthusiastic about going to work if we could..

  2. I agree Tom, it would certainly make it much more interesting! If only eh . . .


  3. LOL @ Tom

    although the guys I work with (I am the only female in the office) don't know the in's and out details of this part of me, they are very aware of my interest in "kink". And one or two of them have been known to be made to beg for things LOL ~ if only they knew! And if only the workplace could be sorted with a crack of a whip, a flogger or some corner time . . ah, let's dream LOL