16 January 2012

Moments of wonderfulness

Sitting on the floor, his back resting against the coolness of the sofa, he shivered when at first his naked back made contact with the brown leather.

His legs were stretched out before him, his head resting against my knee where my leg dangled over his shoulder from where I was sat behind him on sofa.  His right arm crooked around the leg, holding the book from which he was reading.

His left hand followed a trail of gentle touch up and down my calf, down over the bridge of my foot and back up again, the gentlest of touches but not enough to tickle, but certainly enough to bring on a deepest sense of relaxation.

I leaned back, closed my eyes, revelling in the attention his hands were giving to me, I could picture the path of his hand running up and down my leg, the focus of his eyes on the words on the page without even needing to look at him.

Relaxing back into the sofa, listening to the gentle warm tones of his voice as he read aloud from the book.  He was animated in his reading, and every so often his left hand would leave its trail on my leg to turn the page of the book, but returning just as quickly to the place where it had momentarily ceased.  He would use the changing of a page, or the end of a chapter to shift his body slightly, getting as close as he could to my legs that were dangled over him, making sure that his head rested gently against my knee.

A moment of beautiful intimacy.

A moment of gentle seduction, of simple interaction and warmth, yet one with such an underlying arousal of anticipation and desire.  Sometimes the simplest things create the most wonderful memories.

I reached down, stroking his hair, smiling at the depth of the sigh that escaped from his lips, feeling his arm grasping a little more tightly around my leg.

Sometimes, it is the simplest of things that fulfill ones submissive or dominant desires.  Sometimes it is the simplest of things which hold so much depth, so much feeling, so much beauty.

Such moments of wonderfulness.


  1. Beautifully written. Simple, tender. Two people in love with he, taking care of her, and doing so in so many ways - him reading, he at her feet, the touch of his hand, the care he takes in reading with expression. And she, letting him know his efforts are appreciated by the simple touch of her hand on his head. Nice :)

  2. I adore these tender moments with my Daddy. Simple moments can bring so much, D/s can exist and be shown in incredibly simple ways ~ who says it cannot be shown, felt or exist 24/7.

    I do love your blog and thank you for your comments on mine. As a dominant and a sadist I know that you will understand the level of S&M and extremes within my relationship with Daddy.

    Kindest Regards

    Daddy's Girl

  3. So very true. Thanks for reminding us all :)


  4. Thank you all :)

    So often, people are drawn into the fantasy that D/s can only be expressed through pain, through humiliation through physical acts or gestures, that it is all about whips and chains and because of that cannot exist 24/7. But it can be felt and experienced through incredibly simple things, such wonderful moments, but then those who know that, know that, those who live in that fantasy world, just won't.

    I adore these moments. Wonderfully simplistic, gentle, tender moments. But still the power exchange is clearly visible and felt, for both.

    Regards, Kat


  5. Really enjoyed this one, although it made me feel a powerful longing to experience a moment like the one you described. D/s i.m.o. should be based on love, a submissive's desire to give the gift of his submission to a very unique person in his life, and the acceptance and understanding on the part of the Other.