17 February 2011

Continued denial . . .

Well, the boy continues in his extended period of denial. 

Extended even beyond what I had intended due to his behaviour or more so inappropriate behaviour, he blogs HERE each and every day about his feelings in relation to his continued denial, and I honestly cannot tell you how long it is he has been denied for.

But then, you will also know, that I do not care how long he has actually been denied for.  Counting is one thing I have never done and I don't intend to start doing so now either.  The boy will remain denied for as long as I choose, for as long as I want. And if he does anything like he has done recently, his period of denial will continue to be extended!

There have been a couple of times in the past couple of weeks, most notably the day he asked to watch the rugby and spoiled my fun with his inappropriate comment which prevented him from being able to touch, to edge but more so to orgasm, I think that is even approaching a week or more ago.

Then there was the other night, after I made the effort to call the boy, my daytime routine is so busy and I hadn't been able to find so much time to talk to the boy.  But, instead of the boy appreciating it, he decided to behave like a child. 

Not only did this lead to an extension to the being denied an orgasm, it really did make me question whether there is any point at times in taking things further with the boy.  The boy is very aware of my thoughts regarding this, and he is fully aware that if he does what he did again, that seriously will have a BIG implication on anything of the "future".

He says he has learnt so much, lets hope he has learned that I mean what I say, and lets hope he doesn't find out the hard way! 

But his denial has and will continue.

I do not care how long it is.  I still do not count.  I have no intention of even beginning to. 

But, unless the boy stops doing the things that he is doing, it will continue way beyond even I had thoughts of. 

I read his chastity blogs that he writes, where he expresses his frustrations, where he expresses how he is struggling not to touch, how he longs to, how he is finding it so hard.  The boy knows he will not get any sympathy from me.  He knows I do not do sympathy.  He also knows that I can be very hard when it comes to such things and that his whinging, his pleading, his moaning will only push me to deny him further.

Why do I?

Yes of course it is because I can. 

But it is because I choose to.

It is because I have that control over him, something he hasn't had controlled in this way before and it really does for me, come down to the control aspects. 

Not so much the act itself, not so much that I deny his orgasms, not even so much that I control when he edges, when he touches, or if he doesn't. It is the fact that I control it. That I choose how, when, or not at all.  And it is that whole aspect of control which is why I enjoy and get so much from chastity and denial.

The boy did comment the other day that it had been 5 weeks since his last orgasm the other day, and I told him in passing "Oh you're one 10th of the way there", he didn't say a lot at the time, but yesterday when we were talking actually came and made a comment that it would mean 50 weeks without an orgasm!   He then went on to comment that he is unsure of whether I am joking, or whether I was in fact being serious.  He doesn't really need to ask!

I mean, has it really taken him that long to work it out LOL

I do wonder about the boy sometimes you know. 

And so my denial of him continues.  And it isn't so much that it has been so many days since he touched or edged or orgasmed, it is all about the control and the fact I control his denial, and how long it continues for. 

It will continue. But for how long, only time will tell!

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