17 February 2011

So many "blogs" . . .

 . . . so little time!

My head is buzzing with the content of what could be a hundred blog entries . .  . so many things happen, conversations with the boy, things that happen, my own thoughts and feelings about this journey, or things that I read on some of the many blogs I follow which I think I want to write about, reflect upon with my own thoughts . . .and yet,  just finding the time to sit and write, is almost an impossibility.

The daily grind!

It really does have an effect on everything.  Sometimes it pisses me off just how much the daily routine of "life" prevents me from doing the things I want to, need to. Of how it stops so much from becoming a reality, and it even stops me from finding time to get those thoughts out and about.

I have many "draft" posts, awaiting to be written, finished, and published.  I really must get try to find some time to get them "out there". 

I follow many blogs and enjoy reading, so many things I relate to, so many things which give me food for thought, and there really are some wonderfully written blogs out there, from so many different points of view, submissive, dominant, males in FLRs or WLMs, all of them which "feed" my thoughts and I think "Oh yes . . .must think on that further", and the blogs are there, somewhere in the depths.  I really must make an effort so they get to see the light of day LOL

In the meantime I do appreciate the comments that people leave, the messages I receive and it's always interesting to know who is reading and following ~ so welcome to the latest follower :) and thank you :)

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