18 February 2011

Give me MORE!!!!

“Man is the only animal whose desires increase as they are fed; the only animal that is never satisfied.” ~Henry George

Is this true?

Is man the only animal whose desires increase as they are fed?

The only animal that is never satisfied? 

Who knows in relation to other animals and if in "man" it means "humans" regardless of gender, then yes it could quite be true.
It is certainly true for me ~ "feed me" and my desires, my longings, my needs are felt and grow, keep growing . . .keep wanting and desiring and wanting more, to a point where I am not satisfied, or that it takes even more to reach a level of satisfaction.

I think this would also be true for the boy. 

But his desires are increasing because he is denied. 

Is being denied the same as being fed?

Yes, I believe it quite possibly is . . .denial, chastity, being controlled, is feeding his needs as a submissive.  All of those things feed the need he has to submit, to be controlled and to give himself over to another.
So, in that way, his being denied is his being fed. My denial of him, feeds his submissive needs and desires, and in turn, that denial increases those desires.  And in turn my control over him, meets my needs, and "feeds" my desires.

The quote suggests that the more that someone is "fed" the more they desire.  It doesn't of course make any suggestion to how, or what man is fed.  But, even if being "fed" is being denied, it increases a desire. It increases the boy's desire.  My denial of him changes his focus, and his desire to touch, to edge, to orgasm builds with every minute of denial.  But yet, he is never satisfied sexually because he is denied.  Whereas with me, I am just never satisfied LOL 

A lot of D/s relationships, a lot of FLRs or WLMs often have a situation where the submissive is restricted from having an orgasm, or that they can only have one within certain conditions.  Of course, such denial can be a wonderful thing, it is often like it is for me, just plain enjoyable to wield such control and power over the pleasure (or not) of another, and of course, the submissive who submits to that control. 

And this is often one of the differences between men and women.  In the fact that often with women, the more they are denied, the longer they can go without it that their desires do not build but the desire dissipates to a level where there is no desire at all or it is very minimal.  I know from my own experiences that extended periods of time without sexual contact or denial has this effect. 

But for the boy, for men, it does make them hungry, it does make them desire it more, it does make them sex starved and get to a place where they will do almost anything for the even slightest chance of release.  And I see that with the boy.

I know for me that being denied doesn't make me hungry, it doesn't make me desire more.  It doesn't make me sex starved.  In fact, it has the opposite effect.  If I am “fed” then I want more. I need more.  It makes me hungry, it makes me want as much as I can get, if I have one orgasm I want a dozen, as many as I can get, as many as I want.  I simply cannot get enough, and if I am “fed” my desires increase to way beyond what may even be considered the “norm” (whatever the norm is)  Yet if I have any period of time where I am without, that desire, the hunger dissipates.

I love how denial creates the desire in the boy, of how it makes him want more.  And I love how my being "fed" with orgasms, with pleasure, with his submission makes me want it all the more.  It feeds my desire, my longings, my needs.  My denying him feeds his needs.

And right now, I have a hunger.

A hunger that is desperate to be fed.  A hunger that simply won’t be satisfied. 

So feed me, give it to me. Give me more!


  1. So... how different and at the same time complementary paths for her and him. Beautifully written, as always!

  2. this to me demonstrates how much more you can know somebody more than they know themselves....that this is training ,not only training them to be someone you want them to become, but training them to know themselves even better. pablo