25 February 2011

Isn't that the point? (1)

Now, let me explain a little about the content of this (and what will be future) "isn't that the point" entries ~ one thing I have been finding from the boy during recent weeks is his ability to make statements relating to feelings, to emotions, to thoughts, to various different things about the dynamic, about his submitting and my Dominance which really ARE stating the obvious. 

These statements always come back to the answer . . ."that's the point" or  "isn't that the point" . . .because well . . .is IS the point!

Let me give you a little example of the boys stating of the obvious . . .

The other day we were talking and he said . . .

"you're so much . . . so . . . .not self centred . . . but . . .  .organised. . .  .and . . . in control . . .yes that's it. In control"

"um . . .yeah . . .isn't that the point?"


And it seems that a day doesn't go by when the boy doesn't come out with one of these little gems. They are in reality stating the obvious, pure and simple, but I cannot help but laugh at him when he makes these statements. 

But, they are just always statements which are the point. The point of WIITWD, the point of our dynamic, the point of the "relationship", the point of his submitting, the point of my being dominant and the point of my Dominating him.

Another example . . .

"Mistress .  . .you make me feel so submissive"


"Of course . .  .that is the point!"

And it is isn't it?

I do the things that I do, make him do the things that I do, make him suffer in the way that I do, control in the way that I do, frustrate, talk, dominate him (and so many more things) in the way that I do so that he is able to feel his submission, so he can truly feel submissive.

But that IS the point. 

It would be pretty pointless otherwise now wouldn't it?

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