10 February 2011

Engage Brain!

The boy, has a tendency to come out with the most stupid of comments, statements or questions at times.  There are times my jaw will hit the floor at the lack of thought, or the sheer desperation of how darn stupid some of them are.  I can quite literally shake my head!

He may have learned some things, he keeps telling me he has learnt so much, but certainly do not include engaging his brain in that list!!!   Engaging it before he speaks, before he comes out with those statements, comments or questions is just something he has not mastered yet!

Take last friday.

The boy asked permission to be able to watch the rugby and in doing so would either be late online to chat or wouldn’t be there at all.  Fine, I said that was perfectly ok as I had plans for the evening anyway.  I did tell him to expect something out of the ordinary and that it would make his rugby experience far more interesting.

“why is there always a forfeit involved”


Who said anything about a forfeit being involved? 

I had simply said that I was going to make his rubgy match more interesting.

Why would it be a forfeit?

It could be a treat, it could have been something nice.  I already had planned exactly what I was going to do with the boy, or indeed more so to the point what he was going to be doing.  But, just accepting, just isn’t something that the boy seems to be able to do.

Home life, is always busy with me, the boy is more than aware of that and as such my limited times in the evenings mean that the early part is spending doing all of the “normal” home and family things.  I was quite aware that the rugby was on, but with my son being around, I had fully intended to wait for half time and the second half. 

Was the boy patient enough to wait?

Was he hell!

Instead I got a text from the boy simply stating “Good mind fuck Mistress”

It hadn’t been a mindfuck. 

It wasn't a case that I had nothing planned and that it was just a passing comment of mine earlier that day.  I always have something planned. 

It was a mindfuck in the sense that he didn’t know what I had planned, but there was and always was a plan . . .I always had an intention of something happening. He just didn’t know what . . .or when.

Exactly how it should be.

But instead of waiting. Instead of accepting. The boy comes out with his comment.  A totally unappreciated comment at that!

So. I sent a response back to the boy, telling him that I did have plans, but because of his comment he was going to miss out and not to text back further.  I was at the time, really pissed off with the boys comment, his little “push” of a text. I didn't want to hear from him any further that evening.

And his comment, pushed me in the direction of denying the boy all that had been planned, that included the opportunity to edge. To release. To orgasm. TOUGH!

And you would think, that the boy would learn.

Except he doesn’t!

And we had chatted on the phone yesterday evening when I surprised him.  I actually felt sorry for the boy at one point when it was realised just how long it had been since we’d had a conversation on the phone and such contact.  I had decided at that time that I would give the boy a treat when he contacted me to say goodnight.

That contact never came.

Again, the boy has missed out.  The boy maybe hasn’t learnt yet. 

He will. 

He will learn to use his brain, to engage it first.

If he doesn’t, he is the only one that will miss out.  Frustrated or not, it will only get worse if he doesn't. 

I don't miss out. 

I don't care whether he is denied further or not. I don't care if he misses out. 

And although the boy said it was the worst punishment finding out what he had been denied after the event, I don't care about that either.

The boy WILL learn.


  1. A very thoughtful rant/post. As a submissive cuckold you did make me think of the many times I open my mouth and was never thinking at all. Will we learn? Probably not wich is so sad to think that I'll be putting Lady B through those feelings.

    I would like to thank you on following us, it has brought a smile to her face. So Thank you Top Kat.

  2. Cuckold H

    Thank you for your kind comment, I read your blog with interest so welcome to following mine!

    "Will we learn? Probably not wich is so sad to think that I'll be putting Lady B through those feelings."

    I think in some way, everyone learns, in all that we do. And whether we are submissive, Dominant or anything in between, we are only human, and there are lots of things that we do without thinking only to realise after the event.

    It will only effect the boy more than it will me, for he is the one that will lose out, be denied for extended periods, or made to suffer because of it. And in time, he will learn in some way, even if a small way.

    With kind regards, Kat x