18 February 2011

Kissing you

I can see the expression in your eyes, even though they are hidden by the darkness of the blindfold that I've put in place. 

I lean over you as you lie there. I watch you.  

You are moving your head, trying to focus, trying to work out where I am, where you are. 

I can see the confusion in your face, the fear within you. I watch your shallow breathing, the fear building as you don't know what is to come.  Watching you swallow but your mouth is so dry that swallowing only makes it drier.  I watch your cock begin to twitch, a mixture of fear, arousal, longing.

I smile at the vulnerability that you're showing me. I smile at the trust that you're placing in me.

I lean into you, your head moves abrubtly trying to find where I am, you shiver as you feel my breath upon your neck. I trace my fingers along your jawline, your mouth trying to move towards my fingers, I grip your face to stop you moving, my fingers spread across your face.  I move closer to you and I feel you shift your body as you lean into me.  I pull you closer, leaning in only millimetres away from your lips, and your own are searching for mine, and I stay just far enough away that you cannot reach.

And I tease your lips with the very tip of my tongue, and I feel you leaning in to touch me.  I hold back, not allowing you to do so, and I tease you further.  And when I hear you moan, it gets me, and it goes straight to the pit of my stomach and I am hungry for you, to taste you, to kiss you.  And your mouth is so inviting and perfect, and your lips are so soft and as you part them slightly it is as if you are inviting me in. 

But nothing can prepare you for the force at which I move, one hand squeezing around your throat as I use that grip to pull you towards me, and I feel you try to grasp a breath and swallow with the shock of feeling such force after the tender and gentle kisses of moments earlier. 

And I press a little harder, stopping you from swallowing and I can feel your throat desperately reaching for air, to swallow. 

And I lean forward and kiss you hard, my tongue probing deep into your mouth, and you know what I am asking of you, demanding from you.  And you sense my urgency and I watch as you start to react, I watch your body react with the yearning, the bulge in your trousers beginning to grow. And I know that you feel it, and I know that you want it more, and this rising desire, the rising longing within me wants to bring you pain through my kiss, through my grip on your throat.

And your mouth is still searching, hungrily, and I grip you tighter, and your breathing becomes shallower and it is harder for you to draw breath and as I do so, I cover the whole of your mouth with mine, taking you. My other hand covering your nose.

I there I am taking you. Taking all of you.  I take your air, your breath, your desire, your longing.

And you offer it to me, every single thing. 

And I feel you moan into my mouth and the more I demand from you, the more you want to give me, and the tighter I grasp around your throat, the stronger your desperation, and the desire in the pit of my stomach is growing more and I want to take more from you, it makes me want to take even more of you, to touch you and taste you and devour every part of you.  And I pull you towards me, and I take all I can from your mouth with my own.

And I bite your lips to stop you pulling away, and I can feel the urgency at which you're trying to gasp for air, and you groan and moan, and sigh. And I hear you pleading without words. And I feel you strain against my grip as you try to pull away to get some air into your lungs and I want to get into you further, to take more from you and I want you to give me exactly what I want.

And I know that you will give me that. And you know that I will take it.

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  1. Frightening or exciting? harmful or delicious? dangerous or awesome? threatening or intriguing?

    Mixed emotions taken to the extreme this time... but always a pleasure to read.